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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Jumat, 21 Desember 2007

I want to tell you about my friends in 16 states Junior High School

This is my teacher and my friends
from the left on your position
At the back: Shinta, Yannissa, Lucia
In the midle: Me, Karlina, Bu Wati, Iin
At the front: Ayu and Putri

These are my men
From the left to the right
at the front: Aji
in the middle: Lukas, Riva'i, Nur Rohman
At the back: Teddy, Nova, Anes

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