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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

it express who you really are

:) hi !
welldone for all this memory.
this time when we must understand that we will say good bye to each other
well....maybe this is the last party but not to be the last meeting
I'm sure we will meet again maybe next time in the same zone or even in the different zone.

but with you all be my serenity (kenangan yang gak bakal tergantikan) a memory that can't replace by anything.

for all my best friends include you : there's never ending memory which i was looking for it any where. but I have found it in you.

for all my buddies : thanks for present in my day. always I'll keep our secret together. You are all my beloved .....*, thanks for the sad time too any madness, sadness, happiness, craziness, boredom, angry, and everything.

for all the members of debate and vachera : your spirit will pull my spirit. our spirit is never ending story.

for all my class mates: your smile and your all laugh are my favorites

for all who I ever love: I'm fat now. Must be you forget me easily. But you always be my senior high school's love. You're the first memory that appear in my dreams when I came back in the same place.

for all my teachers and staffs and the member of SMADA: Mr, Mrs, Miss, I know that I 'm naughty but I made you laugh then. :D

I will going to miss you guys. This event (might be contain nothing) but I like when the photos appear and show our face. :)

A piece of loneliness\ MATUTA

2 komentar:

paulina mengatakan...

i don't know how i get your blog. and i don't know how i get this writing.
thanks a lot for your love, you're really friend for me..
i miss u.. i miss your madness, your crazyness, your smile, your happiness and etc..
and i hope you are the spesial one in the world..:)

aqua mengatakan...

I really miss you and miss the moment when we were in SHS...