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Selasa, 07 September 2010

comparison between highschool student and collegian

no problem no resolution

back to the earth.....
I was not attending my class this morning for Pancasila education and forest soil science
but actually I don't know whether this day was filled by that lesson or not

This time in my life I have realized that now I am a collegian (university student)
there is many differences between high school and university degree if we compare it..

showed on the material which was brought by lecturer in past (I found my paper and threw away to rubbish :P)

the fact what I have felt till this time are
1. we don't have to send a mail to college when we are not entering the class
2. there is no BK that will take a part of our studying
3. for my university there is no rule to make any kind of proposal when we want to go to hiking
4. no canteen that provide cheap price for us (more than 5000 rupiah)
5. the books are so thick and we must active in class to get high IP moreover if the lecturer embed a SCL (student center learning)
6. my forestry science introduction's lecturer didn't angry with me when I took photoes in his class
7. we have to wait long time (more or less 2 hours) from first class to second class and so further

for all what I have written above it just come from my mind and I'll do the best in this collegian season :D

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