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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

a review of an episode 'Termehek-mehek'

I just knew it is about parent and it was so special edition for me which inspiring me to write this.
oke last Sunday I watched 'Termehek-mehek'.
It's a reality show about seeking person which missing.

This episode told that parent is unchangeable. of course, I think everyone knows about it.
Here is the review:
Someone, just call it D has notify that her mother have lost. She is so confuse about how she could look for her mother so she came to 'Termehek-mehek' team. The team came to her house but firt there's just her father, she was not there. But when the team would go home suddenly a car stopped in front of house gate. D was came out from the car, there was somebody inside the car and that was her boyfriend. An accident happened, the neighbor of D splash the car and her boyfriend angry, got out from the car and did mouth quarrel with the neighbor. The accident happened fastly because the team could handle it.
The neighbor did that because D often goes anywhere she was seldom staying at home.
After that they started seeking. First day the went to D's mother's friend, but it was really unplesure meeting because D's mother's friend told that D's father have sold his wife to japan to be a masseur in plus plus massage place. A quarrel happened again. The D's mother's friend luckly a nice person, he commanded the team to look for the agency which send worker to abroad aspecially Japan. Then D and the team came to that place. At the agency they should wait long time. D was unpatient but she was playing BBM (Blackberry massage). After they got information that D's mother came there with a person called Z two months ago. When they would continue seeking the D's boyfriend came and asked D to leave her activity, The team so bored with D, D was not serious to seek her mother and her boyfriend also bored. At last D's boyfriend end the relationship. D regreted and she promise to not touch her BB again and would concern to this activity.
They came to Z. Z is a security of a plus plus motel.
Then after they arrived there they just got information that Z was deprived, and they got information where usually Z hang out.
They came to Z but He gave no information, he didn't know where D's mother was. And
he was deprived because of D's mother.
But after two days Z gave information where D's mother was. They went to that place and found D's mother opened a food stall at the street side. D was upset, she left that place but her mother catched her, her mother asked apology to D. D accepted her mother back.

This was inspiring me to write a statement below:
Parent is parent, whatever their jobs, and I love my parent whoever they are.

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

I truly miss him

I don't know how to express my feeling this time
it just happened like I find again my place to share with
or the damn is I have found my heart be placed.

calm down I just miss him.
That's right
I don't know why I like opening facebook site again
I don't know why I like opening his profile in every site

is that because his worthy, his luxurious car?

It's still difficult for me to make it different
which one my heart said between like or love?

I didn't feel my heartbeat
I didn't feel I lost my control

may I feel a little bit exaggerated, for now It's not so important.
because I realize my feeling is not the same as him now. He just feel that I am just his friend or even if more it is like a sister for him.

unlike something which make him interesting,
I like his white-baby-face, his charisma, or even his personaly

I know what I felt.
I just like him

but on how
I truly miss him.

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010


at last I have got 100 on Biology pre test

although it just pre test once in my life after I had had skizofrenia...
thanks God !
believe me I love You always

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

go bonita go go bonita!

alright I have spent my time to write this.
This is about togetherness and anything being a good friend

I have told you about Putri, her friend called R has warned me about her,
no, I didn't care it. I didn't care if Putri is materialistic person or not jus beware of the dog.

This is about bonita
last week I had an event which was called makrab
That was like a retret to accept and introduce new members.
but I was missing a few parts.
I didn't really enjoy it, it's because I didn't be the best.

but I really enjoy when I could make fun.

This is about togetherness
I enjoy a moment when I met my friends
it just like my new family
an activity such as futsal has made me feel comfort although I was not playing in real game.
although we were in monority level but I supposed to be proud because we know each other, we can show that we have KORSA. And this is about real korsa

still I just like you