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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Minggu, 28 November 2010

Wisata Gendol part #2

the cops guarding the way to get into Gendol

the boy above was asking symphaty

the gate before 'Gendol'

the warning to the society

The photoes below are the impact of vulcanic ashes and cold lava
check it out!

Wisata Gendol part #1

This is my mom

This is me

This is my sister

These are the photoes of the impact of Merapi eruption.
you can see the vulcanic ashes and cold lava in these photoes
another impact check it out in the next post.
These photoes were taken at Cangkringan, Morangan village, Gendol river
"wisata Gendol"

Selasa, 23 November 2010

My mother in heaven.....remember you like I miss you

Yesterday I went home by bus, my motorcycle was deflated. Before I went up to the bus I bought a burger, Mr. Burger. Well it used to full my stomach.

Actually there's no meaning in the sentences above but I just write it haha.
This gonna be a real dream. I tried to sleep this afternoon at 2 pm after I arrived at home. I used to take a nap that afternoon but it didn't happen, although I was full and a little tired and I closed my eyes, I couldn't sleep.

I don't know what's the matter with me, but when I was thinking about a man, not so important, Suddenly I remembered about someone, it feels so deep inside, something has through my heart slowly.....

called it, feels missing
whether miss or missing
That person is my Mom
slowly but sure my tears began to fall while I closed my eyes.
I remembered how her stomach grew bigger, I remembered when I served her to drink a juice at hospital.
and sadly I remembered, although she was sick, she still thinking about her children, she gave money to my father and she commanded to brought me to the Gramedia.

She is happy now, she is in heaven with my Jesus, with his father too, she always wanted it.
I 'm sure that she always be with us (her family) forever.

who truly miss you, Mom

Jumat, 19 November 2010

for him-whom original

I don't understand about this life, sometimes it looks unfair.
there's always a background why I said that.
Yesterday I had Eucharist ceremony in my neighbour's house.
my neighbour's name is Pak Agus.

The first I came to that place I didn't know that his son have had mentally handicapped.
And it never be something usual for me.
His son was attacked by mentally handicapped since he was born.
I just thought it could be happened
because their sins in past.
but sometimes I saw it depends at what you were in past
who you were in past.
maybe in the next life I will be like that person.

but it didn't decrease my curious. Because of that I looked at him, always, during the Eucharist, I mean I cannot make it usual for me.
It always looks unfair
someone can be born with all the complete part and perfectly but he hasn't got that
someone can be born as a normally person but he doesn't
sometimes it looks unfair . aha?

No, I don't think if I were God
God is always be with me every time
and I hope God be with him too.

I just curious if I had that disease what will I think.
maybe someday if my friend, Mayang pass her study I will ask how.

but I cannot imagine how's his world spinning
how he interprets this life
what he feels about sex
is he interested with a girl?

maybe you will think I'm too exaggerated
but I don't think much better than this
this life is so long
how if his parent leave him someday
will he feel the same like us?
but I think human is still human
I know that he could feel everything but it is only hide somewhere
cause he is amazing just the way he is


Kamis, 11 November 2010

my collegian season

This is my lecture time, I have nothing to post so, I post these photos, The photo above is Helen, she is not actually my bestfriend but she always accompany me in all A subjects. She is rather fat, nice, calm girl, and I have kept a few of her stories about her boyfriend and another.

Senin, 08 November 2010

Dear God, a quick letter

Dear God,

This thinking has through my mind when I was sick.
Maybe you would think poor me when I was sick, like I didn't feel and enjoy the moment because I was sick.
but unfortunately , you wrong. Although I was sick, I could feel something that made me so silly .

After I was a little healthy, I sat down on my parent's bed and thinking about this.
'God, if You let me died the day when I was sick maybe I would say thanks for You, because I don't need to make all these works, reports and don't need to catch my lessons and I was not wasting my lecture time.'

When I was in Panti Rapih Hospital, I felt they were there for me. Since I was in unconscious condition, they gave their attention exactly right on me. Yes, my parent did. I felt enjoy and peace so when I died that day I didn't have to feel worry or something, because they were there for me.
My sister in my house must be a little disturbed too with my condition but it didn't matter because they were there for me.

I have my family, and God, do You know all my gratitude for You because You have given me the best family ever that I've ever felt.

I have ever asked You to take me first before my family, yes I did. I really felt that I couldn't live without them. I felt the world is over when someone was taken from me, I didn't learn from my past, I still worry and scared , with if's.

But now, my spirit has risen again , I know that it will just go on circle like that. human is still human. nothing I could do. but I am a useless woman which is belonged to You. I need You a lot in my life. whether I don't think how much I have said this. but being lonely is still a part that I can't move it.

I wanna still life. I wanna go abroad, I wanna make my parent proud of me. I want to be someone like what my parent wanted. Because that wishes are my motivation now to still living. instead, all my dreams couldn't be true. but I have my family to fulfill my day.

Best regards,