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Senin, 08 November 2010

Dear God, a quick letter

Dear God,

This thinking has through my mind when I was sick.
Maybe you would think poor me when I was sick, like I didn't feel and enjoy the moment because I was sick.
but unfortunately , you wrong. Although I was sick, I could feel something that made me so silly .

After I was a little healthy, I sat down on my parent's bed and thinking about this.
'God, if You let me died the day when I was sick maybe I would say thanks for You, because I don't need to make all these works, reports and don't need to catch my lessons and I was not wasting my lecture time.'

When I was in Panti Rapih Hospital, I felt they were there for me. Since I was in unconscious condition, they gave their attention exactly right on me. Yes, my parent did. I felt enjoy and peace so when I died that day I didn't have to feel worry or something, because they were there for me.
My sister in my house must be a little disturbed too with my condition but it didn't matter because they were there for me.

I have my family, and God, do You know all my gratitude for You because You have given me the best family ever that I've ever felt.

I have ever asked You to take me first before my family, yes I did. I really felt that I couldn't live without them. I felt the world is over when someone was taken from me, I didn't learn from my past, I still worry and scared , with if's.

But now, my spirit has risen again , I know that it will just go on circle like that. human is still human. nothing I could do. but I am a useless woman which is belonged to You. I need You a lot in my life. whether I don't think how much I have said this. but being lonely is still a part that I can't move it.

I wanna still life. I wanna go abroad, I wanna make my parent proud of me. I want to be someone like what my parent wanted. Because that wishes are my motivation now to still living. instead, all my dreams couldn't be true. but I have my family to fulfill my day.

Best regards,

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