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Selasa, 23 November 2010

My mother in heaven.....remember you like I miss you

Yesterday I went home by bus, my motorcycle was deflated. Before I went up to the bus I bought a burger, Mr. Burger. Well it used to full my stomach.

Actually there's no meaning in the sentences above but I just write it haha.
This gonna be a real dream. I tried to sleep this afternoon at 2 pm after I arrived at home. I used to take a nap that afternoon but it didn't happen, although I was full and a little tired and I closed my eyes, I couldn't sleep.

I don't know what's the matter with me, but when I was thinking about a man, not so important, Suddenly I remembered about someone, it feels so deep inside, something has through my heart slowly.....

called it, feels missing
whether miss or missing
That person is my Mom
slowly but sure my tears began to fall while I closed my eyes.
I remembered how her stomach grew bigger, I remembered when I served her to drink a juice at hospital.
and sadly I remembered, although she was sick, she still thinking about her children, she gave money to my father and she commanded to brought me to the Gramedia.

She is happy now, she is in heaven with my Jesus, with his father too, she always wanted it.
I 'm sure that she always be with us (her family) forever.

who truly miss you, Mom

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