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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Christmas Day for Toeladi's

I feel that I should graving the post below
forgot about everything that disturb my mind for awhile
because I have something good to tell you

Christmas day, yeah !
as the taste in your tounge
it's so happy and excited for me although there was a few problem happen that day
Hey Om Yus family came to my house
I met Tante Danik, Adit and Ajeng
Adit and Ajeng have grew older and bigger

well actually not so surprise cause their face still same
I like few things about this Christmas
first, Adit commented that I am changing...but I interupted his comment and I said "funnier do you?, well he said 'yes'. good thing.
second, I could have a conversation with Ajeng, happy and fun.
Third, I met Mbak Rinta at last, Oh My God when we were child we always together but what happen now is not the same, both of us were busy.
Fourth, I gave presents to the kids :D, for Brian, Ajeng and Axel.
Fifth, although deto and his family couldn't gather with us, we came to his house ans have a second christmas celebrate. And I met Mas Hendrasmo, seems he forget my name, doesn't matter.

We were all feel the spirit of Christmas inside us, no matter what our family still stand to celebrate it next year.
Christmas is not just to be celebrated and having party, it is the way we could gather with all our family.
Jesus was born to us, He came to this earth to fullfil his duty from God.
Thanks God you give me a great family.
I love my family

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

review buku WAKTU AKU SAMA MIKA'

'when I was with Mika'''
buku ini bercerita tentang kisah cinta Indi (pengarang) dengan Mika (penderita AIDS)
Indi bercerita bahwa Mika adalah seorang pahlawan
Indi mencintainya dengan sepenuh hati dan susah melupakannya
Indi yang juga penderita scoliosis bercerita tentang betapa berharganya Mika
Indi memaknai penderita AIDS
di dalam sini diceritakan saat-saat indah, sedih, menghargai, bahkan saat Mika dipanggil Tuhan
dituangkan dalam bentuk diary yang acak sepengingat pengarang tapi masih tetap menarik
bahkan hari-harinya yang diisi dengan berpacaran dengan penderita AIDS
Indi menjadi semangat dalam menjalani hidupnya dan bertumpu pada Mika
pertamanya dan sampai terakhir diary ini seberapa kalipun dia juga mendapat kenyataan Mika sakit tapi Indi tetap bilang Mika adalah pahlawannya.

yang aku salut dari cerita ini; aku jadi pingin juga jadi relawan AIDS masuk yayasan penderita AIDS, menunjukkan kepedulian terhadap segala jenis penyakit dan ikut ambil bagian dalam usaha perbaikan. Aku jadi mengerti bila mencintai itu apa adanya, yang tulus seperti si MIKA. Aku akui aku asih menginginkan suami normal, pacar normal. Tapi tak bisa dipungkiri bila kita mendapat suatu yang lain, dan itu yang membuatnya spesial. Karena setiap manusia punya kekurangan dan kelebihan yang harus disyukuri. Dan aku sadari aku juga punya banyak kekurangan seperti yang kau lihat pada postingan sebelum ini bagaimana aku dan diriku dalam memaknai hidup. Dan aku tetap akan berusaha yang terbaik dengan segala kekurangan yang ada pada diriku.
Aku akan meneruskan perjuangan Mika sebagai seorang pahlawan, bila memang aku tidak bisa menjadi pahlawan buat orang lain atau malah sampah, aku akan memulai menjadi pahlawan untuk diriku sendiri.

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010


new friends ...
I have an activity this weekend, that is 'retret', I don't know the english
first I came to Wisma Santi Dharma it's not in good way, both physically or not.
I mean I came to this place to enhance my value and fulfill the lecture assignment.
My friends and I started our journey at 3 p.m on friday.
We lost in our way to go here at the first time but after that we called mas N to guide us through sms. And we could arrive here.
We have so many activities here. first came in there are snack, happy for us.
and there are many session we should through till this day. and this is the last day.
What I mean from this post is:
We don't be afraid of who we are.
I have new friends and some of them are cheers
I have adimitted my sins exactly yesterday
I learn many games.
I am realistic
I am conventional
I love make a joke
I love presentation
I love Jesus
and I will love my new friends
so far I still in positive thinking
although there are several problem such as I am in productive week.
but I believe that I can through it well till this last day.

Senin, 06 Desember 2010


Yesterday I had first upgrading IFSA, like I told you before IFSA is short form of International Forestry Student Association.
There was an introduction about IFSA and its whole activities.
IFSA is an organization non-profit, non-governmental. IFSA cooperative with other institution like IUFRO, CBD, CIFOR, etc.
that's what I catched from the explanation of first introduction about IFSA. And The president asked us 'who follow IFSA because they wanna learn english?'
and yes, just a person didn't raise his hand.
He repeated the president explanation before' if you wanna join an organization you follow IFSA, if you wanna learn english join FSC.'
And that statement was accepted by the president, she said that they won't teach us english.

After that there was an explanation about the delegates who sent to the conferences and many meeting. One of them is UNFSS, I forgot the long term but the last word is Symposium
Two men were explaining to us about that . And next year would be held in Turkey.

We have an Ice breaking, we sang Happy #blablabla pony , and Banana, actually I forgot the songs.
After that We were gathered into few groups. They are Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Time and Management, Mind set and Motivation. I have got ledership and it's the president's group, mbak Dea's group. She spoke fluently in english, and her boy is from finland.
So, we discussed about leadership after that we were separated to go to other's group and Mas Mindo stayed there to explain to the people from other group.
I got Mind set and Motivation with another from my group because the people of my group too many.
Then we had a presentation about all of part of softskill, because five of them was called softskill.
We should have softskill to be a leader. it's not just one of them but all of them are needed.
We finished at 2 o'clock after that we went home.
And we're not member yet, we should follow second upgrading.

Happy nice day :D