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Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Christmas Day for Toeladi's

I feel that I should graving the post below
forgot about everything that disturb my mind for awhile
because I have something good to tell you

Christmas day, yeah !
as the taste in your tounge
it's so happy and excited for me although there was a few problem happen that day
Hey Om Yus family came to my house
I met Tante Danik, Adit and Ajeng
Adit and Ajeng have grew older and bigger

well actually not so surprise cause their face still same
I like few things about this Christmas
first, Adit commented that I am changing...but I interupted his comment and I said "funnier do you?, well he said 'yes'. good thing.
second, I could have a conversation with Ajeng, happy and fun.
Third, I met Mbak Rinta at last, Oh My God when we were child we always together but what happen now is not the same, both of us were busy.
Fourth, I gave presents to the kids :D, for Brian, Ajeng and Axel.
Fifth, although deto and his family couldn't gather with us, we came to his house ans have a second christmas celebrate. And I met Mas Hendrasmo, seems he forget my name, doesn't matter.

We were all feel the spirit of Christmas inside us, no matter what our family still stand to celebrate it next year.
Christmas is not just to be celebrated and having party, it is the way we could gather with all our family.
Jesus was born to us, He came to this earth to fullfil his duty from God.
Thanks God you give me a great family.
I love my family

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