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Senin, 06 Desember 2010


Yesterday I had first upgrading IFSA, like I told you before IFSA is short form of International Forestry Student Association.
There was an introduction about IFSA and its whole activities.
IFSA is an organization non-profit, non-governmental. IFSA cooperative with other institution like IUFRO, CBD, CIFOR, etc.
that's what I catched from the explanation of first introduction about IFSA. And The president asked us 'who follow IFSA because they wanna learn english?'
and yes, just a person didn't raise his hand.
He repeated the president explanation before' if you wanna join an organization you follow IFSA, if you wanna learn english join FSC.'
And that statement was accepted by the president, she said that they won't teach us english.

After that there was an explanation about the delegates who sent to the conferences and many meeting. One of them is UNFSS, I forgot the long term but the last word is Symposium
Two men were explaining to us about that . And next year would be held in Turkey.

We have an Ice breaking, we sang Happy #blablabla pony , and Banana, actually I forgot the songs.
After that We were gathered into few groups. They are Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Time and Management, Mind set and Motivation. I have got ledership and it's the president's group, mbak Dea's group. She spoke fluently in english, and her boy is from finland.
So, we discussed about leadership after that we were separated to go to other's group and Mas Mindo stayed there to explain to the people from other group.
I got Mind set and Motivation with another from my group because the people of my group too many.
Then we had a presentation about all of part of softskill, because five of them was called softskill.
We should have softskill to be a leader. it's not just one of them but all of them are needed.
We finished at 2 o'clock after that we went home.
And we're not member yet, we should follow second upgrading.

Happy nice day :D

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TigerLily mengatakan...

Wow, sounds like a very interesting day. I like workshops like that, it brings you new knowledge as well as new friends :)


aqua mengatakan...

yes, it was. the same as you