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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Raditya Dika

Guess who? Raditya Dika is. SO GOD PLEASE.. his book is really inspiring me and how he elaborates his story and distributes his jokes and influences the readers to laugh. And he explains to the readers clearly how this teen life rolling. I have collected two books of him. and all based on his dialy activity, I want to collect more but I have no enough money. hope can collect all of them, by the way now he has published his second 'kambing jantan's comic, so wait me books i will buy you.

I was copying his picture from internet, well at least I hope I can meet him and take picture together. is that just a dream ? who knows?


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