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Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Inferiority vs Low profile

Low self-esteem person is easier to find than low profile person.

This is cause people still couldn't make it different, low self-esteem person is not low profile (remember this) why? because low self-esteem person just thinking about his/her self and doesn't say thanks with all he /she get.
but low profile person always say thanks (although just in the heart) for all he/she get.

My father ever told me about this. When the big family had a meeting, I also listened, my Father said this, 'inferiority is needed, and we should have low self-esteem characteristic'


FALSE!, it was bad advice for us, my big family against that statement but my father is so stubborn, that time my father couldn't accept an advice, surely.

Other time when we had a conversation again in a small family, He said again ' don't be a low self-esteem person, be your self and always low profile. because it is your point, I am an arrogant person you know, I never be a low self-esteem person, just saying outloud because We really good in singing.' He said the opposite of what he said in past, thanks God, You opened his mind although we should wait it for more than a year. haha :D

So don't forgot it, be low profile person, because it is your point.

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