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Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

no title- from heart to heart

Ok, maybe you are asking why I post two subject in the same day. Because It is urgent.

This evening after my Dad and Mom went home, and our family just finished our dinner, we have a conversation. And the topic is PLTN which last day appeared in television and one of my parent's work partner was talking there, I mean he was a speaker for BATAN.

My Dad told us with very powerful expression that the speaker from BATAN was doing his job badly. Wow! although I couldn't imagine if my Dad did that (be the speaker). My Dad said that the speaker shouldn't talk something that was not on the purpose, the moderator was doing fault, the moderator who brought the conversation into the right purpose actually didn't do his job well, the moderator brought to the policy, which was should be a science conversation.

The purpose is what BATAN thinks about PLTN. It should be a science conversation because we know that BATAN contains scientists. The left is PLN problem. For the development of PLTN it self there will be an advertisement too, my mom said it could be any pro and cons for that plan and it will be pro advertisement and cons advertisement, do you know that is so bad. So my mom thought the right way is doing discussion, like a debate.

Through the conversation about debate remind me to my debate club when I was in SHS. My Dad said to us it should be a logic debate to the right track and the participants can be collegian, BATAN would be the judger, but as you know, I never debate about science, it should be brought to the social classes. We talked about policy, and pro-cons the development of PLTN whether harm or good. My Dad loose this that if we talk about science we should have a knowledge about it, it can be einstein conversation and it is not interesting, because debate will talk about what the benefit of PLTN it self. My mom said that hold debate without emotion, but I said "I use emotion to cover the debate, to enhance the spirit of debate" , well my mom in silence.

I love this conversation, didn't mean that I really know what they talked, but for me, just a few family can do this, chatting everyday like us, even though we don't really understand what each person said to us but, talking is needed to know someone. And I love my family.

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