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Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011


Ehm... today I wanna share something in abstract condition.
A few minutes ago I looked at my father's netbook. I saw mozzila in loading on te desktop. And I have a sit in front of my father's netbook. He was browsing PSB Online for SMA Kolose De Britto!
I'll tell you why this is interesting, first, because My father was a graduate of JB's. Second, For now none of us (his daughters) is a boy. Third, it is for 2011, My father looked for what's going on in JB.

IDK, repeat, I don't know why he did it. So what?! But Someone from JB always invites me to join their activity. Such as: Manuk Pulang Kandang (alumni gathering), PENSI (art performance), Pray Together, etc. Well last time when I was in SHS , I had ever attended PENSI, but I thought just a few of them know me, like Alan, Mario, Wira, and Yoyok. But I was invited by Fajar (IDK who the hell he is.)

Well I have some hypothesis why Fajar invited me in some JB's event:
1. He knew my father
2. He was my old friend in Elementary School
3. He is my friend's friend
4. He didn't know me but he was just doing his job to invite people.

I saw his profile in facebook, but I found when I was 18, he was 22. WTH. From all my hypothesis, I think the most logic reason why I was invited to join JB's event because he was just doing his job to invite people. But something disturbs my mind, I'm a woman then Did he know abut it? It was truly confusing me because I have no relation with him, I thought. My friends from JB have been told about this but no body knows who is Fajar. Curious, aha?

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