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Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Info-Justin Bieber

This is the first post in March 2011.
I'm happy with my condition this time. I can talk, breathe, smile, write, do many things with my complete parts of my body.
Thanks God you give me a perfect body. Well one thing I know, over complete.
I am fat. Don't mind.
This time I wanna share about Indonesia's celebrity condition, just to remind the readers what's hot this week.
Infotainment's hot news today is JUSTIN BIEBER!
As you know he is an international singer, his popularity has exploded.
I can't share you his photo, well you can find it in google, just click keyword 'JUSTIN BIEBER' million site provide him.
Well I just surprise with his personality.

Mmm...maybe he is cute and still cute till this time, he is 17th, and he closed to Selena Gomez.
Oh my God Selena is one of my favorite actress. But their fans disappoint with his choice to love Selena. Well Justin will hold a show in Jakarta at 23 April 2011, wow! But what a pity because he didn't win Grammy, he loose from Lady Gaga. It didn't matter. He is popular enough.

Just ignore my opening post

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