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Selasa, 05 April 2011

I just hurt

It can't be happening.
I almost cried because of him and this day he just like 'there is nothing between us'.

Oh... I want to share to you something about my day. Yesterday exactly.
I have a friend, when we were at first semester, we were really close. Mention him as A.
A and my others friend ever came to my house.

In the second semester we were separate. He is now with others and one of them my other friend. Okey I felt lost him, I said I miss him. And my other friend took A's photo for me. And I cried in the midnight.

Then a day after that, I walked in the middle my A's friend and A. Do you know what he did? He asked me to move. He said 'Move from here!' with soft voice. Well may I was a little bit exaggerated but it's true that he asked me to leave him and his group.

This day is different. He try to be friendly with me again. His group be nice to me. And I hate what he did to me, ignore me for a half semester. So? I don't know what will I do, I just asked someone to accompany have a lunch but not A or even my other friend. I just hurt.

6 komentar:

Gaphe mengatakan...

yang sabar yah, kalo emang waktunya tepat dan dikehendaki pasti nanti nggak akan sendirian lagi koq.
#eh bener kan maksudnya gitu?

aqua mengatakan...

iyaaaa, sabarr deh. moga-moga gak sendirian lagi :)

dinaaa mengatakan...

ckkckck,,, ayo posting terus

aqua mengatakan...

hihi :P

joe mengatakan...

that's not the end of the word, came on...

aqua mengatakan...

yeah, it is not the end... even if I made it worse.

so be happy,