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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Kamis, 14 April 2011

That's what for song made

It's not like the movies
but that's how we should be

Katty Perry - Not Like The Movies

Very confusing maybe why I tagged on this song.
I love this song, like you know it will stand just a few decade
after that I know I will feel bored with this song
and forget it like other songs

Just like the movies
that's how it will be

I like the words, I like the singer
I like her voice.
I like how she expressed this song through her voice

He put it on me, I put it on
Like there was nothing wrong

Feel like she really knows
what my heart says
Like she knows and understands
how I face my problems

And your world will stop spinning
And it's just the beginning

Because written by someone
it will be like for someone
like from parent to their child
But I believe it's for everyone who listen this song

- Wikan -