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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

my bed room

Long time I didn't post something in English, so I think I wanna post this in English. Ifa, one of my friends in faculty of forestry have ever asked me like this,"Do you sleep in one room with your sister?", I answered 'no'. So when I rembered that moment, I wanna share about my room for you, readers...

Before I went to Coklat

Oh.. sorry, my room was in horrible condition, I think when my modem in well condition, I 'll post the tidy one here, it would be more beautiful than this one, okey :)

Well, as my promise to you, bloggers, this is my tidy bed... it looks more adorable hahaha XD

I seldom wear cute cloth like photo above

I'm sorry all the photos here in blur condition, I use my hand phone (2 mp) to get the pictures, because my digital camera recently lost this morning .

Hope you enjoy these photos
Happy nice day :)


5 komentar:

Dah mengatakan...

my room is more horrible than ur room :)

blogger hood....(orang lewat) mengatakan...

its so different to me bEn!!,, hahha
cz i still often sleep with my B*****R .... U KNow ben?
kembaranku....... TT

aqua mengatakan...

@blogger hood....(orang lewat) : :D it could be so nice to join one room with your bro or sist... share everything makes you so close

@ Dah : please, do you wanna share your room to us (readers)

blogger hood ...(orang lewat) mengatakan...

wkwkwkwk...asikk ben,, coba aja skali-kali ajak adikmu tdur bareng ;D


aqua mengatakan...

aku ngerti neh bloggerhood....(orang lewat) ki koweee...tur anonim ra ngertiii... aku sing anti tidur karo adikku...soale...nggriseni...emoh wkwk