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Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Nail Art

Hmm.. If you're asking why I wrote two posts this day, it is because I have many inspirations. Well just this afternoon, I went to Malioboro Mall with my sister, actually we wanted to go 21 theater or XXI empire, but we had no money to watch movie there, so we(actually I) decided to go Mallioboro with purpose to look for tattoo seller. But after we got there, my sister interested to colouring her nails. Nevertheless , She had no money so She asked me to colour my nails then She would know the quality of art nail before She spend her money with her friends to do the same. So, I did. And I choose random picture. One of them looks like my header blog.

on my middle finger nail, you can see it looks like my twitter background

This one which looks like my header blog, well, it was in blur, my camera couldn't focus on my thumb (little disappoint)

Is it too late to know about this? I just tried something new that I can share to you, doesn't mean I am ancient, aha? It costs Rp 3000,00 for each nail. I was colouring 6 nails because I just had Rp 20.000,00, well I spent Rp 18.000,00 for this. haha...


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