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Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Dear God, a quick letter part 2

Dear God,

How's life my Dearest God? Must be really fascinating playing rugby with my Mother, or tennis, I know my Mom loved it, and I do know you will lose against my Mom on it. Because She is the best. Me? That's what I gonna tell you.

After I came home at seventh July, I opened portal to see my scores and GPA. I wasn't lucky. I failed to get three above. I have written status on facebook and twitter that I'm dissapointed. It's not just that.

One more. I dissapointed to my family because what I saw is not what I see. What I read, what I heard, what I saw is going to be broken. I was really proud to be member of this big family. I was proud, I have many cousins. Somehow it's no longer exist.

I'm sorry for this...I knew every person might lack of something. I knew that You'd adding specialty to make it balance. In other words, I know everybody is perfect, as perfect as how You've made. Including me. You know? My aunt ever told me that You'd forgive my sins whatever it was. You've created human so perfect. You'd remind and searching the lost mankind. And she told me that our experienced of You is testimony that You are always with us.

You are there, God. I don't know how I see. But I know you are there. You are living in every person's heart. It's just sometime they don't feel it.

Every person in my family now has been closed by egoism. They are blind of money. A said money, B said money, C said money.... and I said money. I hate money!

Well..I just confuse, they can really easy talk about You but they still admit money. God, I want You remember, I'm not a charismatic person, I admit I never touch Bible, I seldom pray before sleep, I'm not really close to You even my father is one of who organize Your mankind.

One of the factors why I am really brave to write this letter because I believe in You. I trust that You'll help my family come out this problem.

God, in front of You, I'm nothing, but I believe in front of You everything could be happen, like You have cured me from skizofrenia. You were there, in my older aunt's heart to help my other aunt. It's easy to me believe that You will read my letter. This time I pray.

God, this was enough to me. I pour my words liquid to Your mind bowl. I want You read this letter. I don't think how long I'll get response. I just want You to keep our heart alive. living in You and believe in You.

Best regards,


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penulis mengatakan...

setiap orang punya kelebihan dan kekurangan.. lihat aja aku ama kamu,, bedo kan... udah jalani aja.. oke2
semangat y ben
IP itu bukan SEGALANYA kok!!
smw dah ada takdir masing2
paling enak itu jadi orang BAIK.. oke

aqua mengatakan...

YOYYYYY \m/ semoga Tuhan punya rencana lain haha :)