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Senin, 18 Juli 2011

many ways of communication between Father and his daughter

Date : 18 July 2011
At 2:09 p.m

This time I wanna share about real relation between Father and his daughter. You can easily guess it, of course, it is about my father and I.
Just an hour ago, my father wrote a note in facebook then tagging to me and his relation. Before someone read, I read it first, because I was the first who gave him comment. More or less He told us about inferiority, as my post below (long long ago- "I think I don't need tag a link for that, just look for it by your self"). That's how we connect each other, we use not only conversation face to face but we also use this kind of application to share what inside our brain and heart. I know you know, the magic of writing. I believe that by writing something everyday is useful to train not only our hand to type or live writing but also our brain to connect one each other and more, to do many things. It's kind of sport to our brain then our brain has experience on thinking. It's true then. It's not based on how much the capacity of our brain collected encyclopedia, I just want to share what the benefits of writing instead decrease our bad mood all day long.

Back to the earth, it's how I communicate to my father and other relation (like my sister on twitter, my cousins etc). In past when I was in SHS I sent 'something inside my mind' - my grumpy something bad... to my father. It's so transparent. Yeah it was.. if couldn't communicate with him face to face, I sent him email. Then there's nothing to worry about, one by one has knew well other person characteristic and knowing how to give response when someone do A or do B. I have ever sent my blog address to my father, and yes, he knew what I wrote. but these last decade I didn't tell him about my blog again, let it be my secret with my friends as followers.

When we did it in good way, it would be good than a harm. Like what my father and I did. We can easily communicate and be closer as father and daughter. But, it didn't decrease our time together to meet face to face. Because we live in a house. And sometimes we do recreation. We would talk about everything. Might be I am closer to my Mom than my Dad, although sometimes we shared many things through writing, but it yes, better telling by application than tell nothing.

Oh yeah, My father used email to send massage to my Mom, when she was in Australia because his phone is CDMA. So, how I am really appreciate technology because it gives changes but on how it stay exist to make we are closer. Could you imagine when we met other person from different country and doing discussion via chatting on YM, Facebook? It's been so close to the world?

Actually I don't want to share about social networking. I just want to share how my father and I get closer. I just feel so disappointed when he felt the same. I didn't like to tell him my GPA but it was a must. How could I say 'it was a must'? because I didn't like the feeling like 'there was secret between us'. I want to be transparent person, open person. then I didn't need to hide if I did wrong because They ever did the same. When I begin adult or teenager, He knows me well how I face my problems, and what kind of help that I need. IT HELPS! ladies and gentleman! Father is a big supporter to me. He is not only giving me an ice cream or chocolate, he is protecting me, and supporting me.

I am proud of him when he said "I still can't be low profile person, to do that, it's a difficult thing."
He could say it to us because he believed we could understand his personality. And yes, I am just a daughter, and sometimes I could do wrong. even be inferiority person.
That's how I face my self. He realize that he was wrong when I realize I was right, But we can also say both of us wrong or right, because we have the same blood, ladies and gentleman. So sweet?

We took many ways of communication of course, in live even through cyber space. He was the one who teach me to work both live and cyber. So, guys.. be number one daughter is one of benefits that you will be the first who gets love from your parent. Be life in both of real or even cyber. because in good way you can took many benefits. moreover you practice writing.. it's good to reach peace space.

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