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Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

someone - please dont' tell her -

Hi! This photo, okey, I just interested with this girl, she is my friend. It's enough. I'm really embarrassed actually write about her. Oh my God, how could I ??...

I am not lesbian and neither is she. We are a classmate in some subjects. We are not really close. I didn't know her well. I just I thought I have a little feeling with her. Just feel comfort. Yes, I am not talking how we have the same weight as well. And I don't want to discuss about it. I don't know. But this time I am thinking about her.

In some parts, she has done the things better than me. Please notice that I am not, wasn't, and will not envy of her. I do not adore her. You can say I am admiring her, it is better.

Just this time I commented on her wall in general forestry facebook group. She encouraged us, her friends to join HMM (family on majoring- we would choose-). She is an active girl. You could see her in every activities in forestry. She can speak in front of lecture so fast, so confidence, so clear about what she needs to talk. But for sure, I will not mention her name in this blog. Why? because I just don't want if someone types her name in google then find this site.

And this is not about promoting this girl. I just sometimes surprised with her status on facebook, and how she began closer with her friends, how she felt proud to be with them, and how she managed her time to join many organizations while her study still go on.

I repeated, I didn't know her as well. I wanted to review someone, but on how my heart choose this girl. For Dina and Ifa.. please don't tell her.. I can loose my reputation. heheh.

2 komentar:

adinamadine mengatakan... kykny dah comment.. hmmm
Please dont tell her."wani piro ben?"

wkwk,,, hmm,, aku aja nyinggung bbrp teman tak tulis langsung,,okelah asal aku beliin premen dulu :D

aqua mengatakan...

kuaaaaaa... soalnya ini tentang dia banget -______-