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Jumat, 09 September 2011

my long holiday was done

4:33 p.m
So quiet and so noisy

Haloo.. anybody here?
I'm sorry sometime I wasn't posting something in English, I mean I ask your apologize. Many of my plans were going fail. Why? Because 'my something unwanted' be done.

First when I was following field trip, then someone 'I didn't know' was sending me massage when I didn't want to be disturbed. After I knew who he was, It wasn't interesting anymore. Well, maybe that's so me, like pulling & pushing something.

Second, in holiday I wasn't doing anything. I failed to focus on my study. I was down. And I was really 'unclear'. I spent almost all my holiday to holiday. Yes it was really holiday. My Mom said I used to be spending my time to study then being lazy day to day.

Third, I got in (not to lecture) it's directly full of activities. One of what I scared the most is ARM. I choose and chosen to be public relation. Hell, it's a heavy thing, I mean hard thing. Might be I will get a headache.

That's my reports for my two months holiday. Less two days again for me enrolled, then what should I do? I think I will scream while running in Taman Sari.

PS: I'm sorry few of my posts were deleted, something wrong has happened. Thanks for the readers, I mean I'm going to love you more and more. Haha.


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