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Selasa, 20 September 2011

My religion - this is what I believe

2:20 p.m
This is mine

Well.. this is not about how grumpy I was with this condition, not about disappointing moment I have been through. I am not hate to be here. I love this place and all inside this home. I called home not house. Because whatever you are my family I will loving you till 'I don't know when' or even when I say 'hate' for several times.

Listen, I have a news, doesn't mean like 'Briptu Norman who is boring with his police life then wanna be artist'. But this is about my religion. I'm sorry for few of my readers who have different religion. What I believed, what my beliefs just this person. Or just Jesus Christ, but even though who I believed is christian but then I want to know other religion. Then just this morning, it's not just this day but also the day before, I watched Islamic reality show. I just want to be understood how they walk on their way, and how I walk on my way then I will compare it all.

But the same as in my mind, I don't want to know the answer, who is the strongest between Muhammad and My Jesus; who is the most religious between to be christian or moslem ; who has 'the most true way' between my religion and others ; who is the highest and many else 'who or what'.

I have admitted my mistake, just long-long ago when I followed FORSIMBA (It's islamic event purpose to introduce islamic way in forestry). I'm not angry when I said I don't believe someone 'mualaf' then be christian again. I didn't want to bring that situation to the debate condition. But what the ustad said to me really needed to be fixed. Because what I asked was when it's over, then the person came to 'last judgement' what will he accept ? Is that punishment? while my religion said to loving person and show him the truth; when it began two ways of lesson he would accept. Or he could choose what he want to learn; I beg to be speechless in front of judger.

That's why we need to respect other religion, we should stand on our mother learner. Because who we are is what we did, do, and would do. Our plans sometimes change, we can't always be a nice-warm-person when something hurts us. When the condition makes us believe what we beliefs. We can't choose it for suddenly, we need to think of it. When someone want to choose who he/she will be just hope that he/she is still in a good way. Don't you think? That's the purpose of all our religions (yours and mine ; between different or same) ... Just to walk on good way. Teaching all the good stuff, pushing to love and be loved. Just be wise! You should to be wise...


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adina madine mengatakan...

nah, ni waktu 'acara' itu, jadi agak ricuh setelah kamu maju,,(smua terbangun dari kantuknya) hehe,, ... kembali ke masing2 aj.......... sorry

aqua mengatakan...

woaghh.. ho'o jhe.. aku pembawa keributan ckck...