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Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Celebration of Random Day

10:07 p.m

*sorry capslock
If I heard again what I said before that I want to tell you about THIS ABNORMAL AND THE CELEBRATION OF RANDOM DAY seems I want to be someone (the victim) in Final Destination film. You knew what I meant. I hate this day like other haters of the day.

As always that if it was a bad day, it would be a random day. So I can say that this day is a random day and my appreciation of celebration of random day. Notice: It is just for me. I don't need you accompany me today. I just want to be alone and then write about this celebration of random day in my blog. Thanks.

I got C on my 'Survey dan Pemetaan Hutan', then E for my 'Pemuliaan' test, after that B on ecology. So far It were only 3 of 4 tests which I have been followed on these couple of weeks.

I thought I supposed to be hopeless. I got E again after I got C for the same lesson. Hell.. yeah.. I just want to remind you that just for 'Pemuliaan' I had been studying for two days. But then It didn't bring significant effect. And I used to be so disappointed. It is so me.

It is not about how much I have tried my best. Because I knew I didn't do the best. I just wanted to finish my tests as fast as I could. But then I got karma that I failed to get B for others . I just want to believe that it is not because skizofrenia (the one that I want to blame) I fail. It wouldn't happen. I believe in my self. I have enough confident to do my test alone. I don't want to ask a help to my other friend when I do the test. I mean I have done it for my self.

Just this night, I had a chat with someone who has a same feeling as me. But not about her score, she just got a little shock when she got in to this faculty. I have felt it remember. I just can say 'it's not about how long I can stand on this place' anymore. But this is about 'my fight for this long journey'. I know I should finish this. Finish what I started. I believe in my self I could do it. I believe.

Thanks for Elisabeth Sustin encouraging me. I believe we could through this.
Thanks for 'Give thanks' song, it was remind me to Jesus and all his gifts.

Give thanks give thanks give thanks

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