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Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Korean? 'Aaaa yaaa wooo Aaa' speech

11:38 a.m
Here I am.

I am waiting for her call...
Well. today we meet again, in the same place, same situation and condition, actually just a few of my family act not like usual, but I thought I am usually as I was. #tohellwithgrammar

My father didn't want to pick me up to somewhere because I lied to him that I used to go lecture today, but it didn't because there was no lecture today. It was just a practicum which I didn't choose. (I hope you get what I said)

I have a little problem because I had ulcer (bisul) (not acne) and I will not tell you where the place.

Yesterday, actually was a little fantastic, I met Korean. Although they spoke 'Aaaa yyaaa Aaaa' (in my ears sound like 'blup blup blup blup') at least I could talk to them in English. And may I say, they knew English but lazy to use it. So different with me. First cause is I have trained English since I was a kid and learned how to write Java hand writing (not use commonly) but they should learn how to write both of Korean and alphabet hand writing and used till now.

The happy thing, they are closer to SNSD (For a little I love that girl band, but with no plastic surgery). And I said to Kechun (if I'm not wrong how to write his name) because they are beautiful. He was not surprise, He knew we (Indonesian) have been attracted by koreanism (last week it was being the topic of eclub). The uncommon thing, they study ecology and it is not our major, a little disconnected actually when I talked to them. But they were funny, I admitted that. They had spirit to learn and always seemed happy.

The bad thing, they were easy to get tired, I said to Entchie (the girl one, if I didn't wrong to spell hers), it was because of the weather. Mrs. Eny said, "How strong person, if they just arrived in Indonesia they will said 'tired' by this weather." Yes, I thought I had had it.

For their habits, I already known they usually take a little food first then eat much for the second time. And they were noisy... unlike a Java girl who really calm (me) -_-". Okay, I am not calm.

The most interesting girl is Yenjie (if I'm not wrong to type her name), She could talk much, and I thought she was interested to make a friend with me, because She could understand what I said much better than others. Actually, I was doubt if I had speech well, because when I talked to them, they just said 'yes' without more explanation. Haha... She likes harry potter! Yeaayy.. She knew about Dementor, Death Eathers. And I love because she followed me everywhere I go. She was just so beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't take her picture. (whom I took? Entchie when she slept,I will not publish her because her photo in blur).

Just a few of my unclear moment with them, I thought the most weird when I said to them that 'Sukun' is 'Ketela' -______-". When Mas Eko said to me it was 'Sukun', it so made me embarrased.. like I wanna grave myself #exaggerated.

Don't you know? I had a friend with me, He was Bintang, he closed to Teho (If Im not wrong to spell his name). I was just, I thought, I could not be a friend with Teho. He was too Indonesian (I meant he was like Indonesian commonly people) and I could not lie to him. Although He helped me when I was slippery #toosweet.

Actually what I wanted to tell you was not this. Better continue to read my post after this. Thank to attend my story. :D Hope you enjoy my blog!

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adina madine mengatakan...

kyke kmrn asik yo ben,? sore itu kah?,,

aqua mengatakan...

haha.. iya sih.. cuma aku garing.. krik krik.. (baru sadar kalau aku jayus dan garing)