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Sabtu, 12 November 2011

What inside my brain right now..

9:23 p.m
Hmm.. "I love you"

Today, being absurd since I tried masking my face. You know then, girls' activity to remark and reborn the death elements in their face. I was using my sister's. Actually, first I thought Mom bought that face mask for me, but she told me that should be my sister's. Then, do you want to know what my face like? Here is the picture:

the scary face (I hope this is not mine)

Second, I thought about this special month, cause many invitation of coming on wedding event this month. And I got it just for my self. Hell... no.. not my friend like last time (I don't remember) She was my friend's sister. And other wedding party which should be my Mom and Dad who attending those. Mmm.. What I want to tell is the wedding invitation letter. Few of them just surprise me by their characteristic. Yeah, it makes them interest in my eyes. And some of them are:

football wedding invitation letter, such a good theme

Wedding passport, hold in Batan Auditorium. Cool isn't it?

In the night, without ignore my damn invent report, I want to refresh my mind, then I went to 21 while watching movie with my sister. I got hell activity, cause my sister grumpy. Why? she was jealous with my friends, (you know Agnes and Tami, they went to Amplas at the same time as us, they wore a stylish girls dress code, while wearing wedges) The most hell, my sister talked about how short I am.. (compare to them who wore wedges) so poor me.. haha. (Just joking of course). After that, because we were hungry, but my sister didn't want to buy some food in Amplas (junk food) so we went home by purpose meet 'rica-rica' on the way back home. But it was so disappoint because it closed, so we chose having dinner in Pongkangan then ate Bakso, actually it was my neighbor's, but we got the same price because we were not really close, here is the picture:

promoted by motor's company (but I don't know what)

Just that what I thought something that I could share. Hope you enjoy my posting. Or if it's disturbing you, better do not click my site again. Ok?

Notice: my blog just about my self and my activity, just like a diary please unfollow me if you regret with mine. thank you.

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