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Senin, 05 Desember 2011

The last for you. :)

6:51 a.m

I'm sorry for my mistakes Din, I knew it could crush a relation between her and you. So, if you're deleting few of your posting, I appreciate it.

Because my last post about "11 things about you" I forget to write mine, meaning my personally. But, I am not gonna write about me here, let you think me as your mind says.
I'm whoever I'm

Oh, ya.. I didn't do my report, didn't do my KTA homework, didn't do my Indonesian assignment yesterday, because I was a little abstract by my condition, My aunt came to Taman, and nothing happen, I just expected more than took the curtain then go again in few minutes.. Oh , God what that means?

You know Raditya Dika then?
Meneruskan kalimatmu, tanpa sengaja.

It was his tweet yesterday, means:
continuing your words, accidentally. #bittersweet

Remind me to Adele's haha.. actually I wrote that song, by no thinking. Not actually what I felt. Just the most good thing, just feeling comfort to my life.

And a little dissatisfaction was someone (who I want to write 11 things about her, didn't fol up my request) and she is a blogger, but I was not tagging her here. Few days again, there's Christmas, and yeah.. I don't know how I expressed my own, cause I'm really confuse whether decorate Christmas tree or not, I wish later I would write something about Christmas tree.

Well, I will not blame and talking more and more, I have told you, then, this is my diary. I write whatever I want to write about me. And I want to share with you. But, for the next posts, I would filtering all I said. (I thought I have it). Because I have recognized many persons came to this blog by purpose of looking for information not reading my diary. But what should I do actually?! I just expect I have good attitude in this blog sphere. And I want to remind you, to unfollow me if you regret with mine.

Yeah actually the most honest about me written in my diary book. So, I thought this blog is just for fun. And better I write about my own self than write about someone else, if I used to write about someone else, I should write about 'the good things' about that person. So, because of my posts before many persons written here by not good attitude of mine, I ask your apologize.

And I want to say thanks to D.. for 'unexplained' things to me.

I'm off of you, D.

2 komentar:

adina madine mengatakan...

apa sih?,, aku malah ga tau maksudmu ben,, *tenan.. wkk "crush a relation between her and you" .. what?? aku baik-baik saja.tak usah kau pikirkan...*mbuh, lali lagune sapa.. hihihi,, THH..THH.. alay ,,, sebenere blog=diary, tapi takutnya aku banyak cerita aneh2 jd males wae ben,, hhah :P

aqua mengatakan...

ya ya ya:) good for you, it's better for me right now to spend my time with.. nothing. Hahaa.. being alone doesn't mean lonely.