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'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
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Senin, 31 Desember 2012

2012, almost new Year!

Hi Guys, again, I come to this blog purpose to junk. Am I junk my self? Doesn't matter this is my blog I do whatever I like.

We are going to celebrate New Year this Monday, it's already the end of 2012 and we are going to go to 2013 by 12 O'clock.I'm 20 and going to 21, I am a half adult going to be an adult.The end of these year constantly great year by year, it will never great as your mind would think the same. Christmas to spend with family and go to church, hope we have a new self, reborn of King. And having a party, maybe a little party. Grab photos together. Chocolates, Coca Cola, alcohol, rusted chicken and presents. It's a happy ending for this year. Not least the new year itself. By the way, I'm single, I have none to date with. poor me. That's why I purpose to write a resume of my single day in 2012. In short form and quick letter. 

Cheers for 2012!

I got a high pressure and reboot my medicines. I still believed that I could handle those all. A treasurer, Head of Media Commission, IFSS Delegation, ARM committees. But then, I was sure  I should take a rest. I got very unbelievable scores on my portal A-E most of them were C.

I forgot to tell you I got new gadget in January, Samsung Ace. Good thing that my ability on writing got increase. I could get 95 viewers  for Begindang, and Margareth Thatcher as my confidence of coincidence. I did not sure if I could take a risk to purpose my self as a council in IFSS Turkey. My credits were only 18 from 21. I took a risk to pick them all. I followed KMMH event two days in Kaliurang for first introduction. I began to love Raditya Dika's talk show.

This was my Birthday. Somehow I was a little bit bias. I only paid for food some of Bonita's and did not for IFSA's, therefore, usually IFSA gives a surprise to whom they're celebrated. I did not hold a big party like in Hoka-Hoka Bento before. It was so poor. My sister cried too because I canceled our party in PELE. Others, I stopped from IFSS delegation in Turkey. That's what I did.  We had to move to our new house. My big aunt was angry with us. It was a pressure to me.

I began really mad. I quit from my job as ARM committee. I had a very high under pressure. I got two tablets per day. I felt I wasn't fair enough. I spared my time to Bonita and my best friend. Although with a little weird and guilty feeling because there was a third person. I knew that swimming in 7 meters depth so enjoyable. I love to swim. And I think that's the last I had my English course in ELTI.

I closed to a friend, Fahma. And visited her house. I came to ARM's Seminar with her.  A poor day because I should have a calm behavior there. I was having a little party with KMMH in its birthday. And I followed a practicum in a forest for three days. Lucky me I did not underestimate this practicum. I was sure I did not want my career in forestry just end up like that. I love to swim, and I got slim.

I don't know what boys think of. Someone closed to me, I rarely gave him messages. Example: "I think of you". I borrowed his master. What did he do? He held my hand in the middle Bonita's event and went on quickly after that.  -_______-" I got suffered, I swam after that alone. I got last exam and what did I do? I got sick while finished my exam and I got 21 credits lastly, I quit from my job as Head of Media Commission.

I sent him two massages and called him. Afraid if he needed his master back. I began confuse. I knew he didn't want me although I asked his friend too. But I cured it, I went to Jakarta - Bandung with my sister. Having a time with Choi Jaewon. For a week, although I was in productive. I was still a little confuse. I was not there at  all. Only a half of me left there. After went home, I swam a lot, and my weight went down.

Haha. My father's birthday! Happy to my family, fail surprise to him because I gave it in the right when they're talking to neighbors. I bought Chevy and Bugs in 22 august. They were little rabbits. I had a time with my SHS friends to teach about safety of natural disaster. What a cool reunion. But after that, I had never seen them anymore. That's my first driving car.

First day, I went to BALI with my college friends. I didn't actually sure at once. But then, I was enjoy the BALI beach. I played flying fish. It's fun.I got in my first lecture. I faced him again, and I asked his master. I got surprise because my writing text published in Indi's book. Guruku Berbulu dan Berekor

I thought I have moved on. Every boy I met was handsome in my eyes. And do you know? He was my Co Ass. nothing after that, I only had my time to work in my reports, and go anywhere I loved.

I got a broken heart. He left me with other woman. And there I was I should finish my four practicums. What a hell. Mostly got my times was silvicuture, I had to go to laboratory to flush my plants. Met the dog. and working on my reports. surprised to get the lowest score. Oh yeah. middle earth help me to do this. I went to wanagama for this practicum, seemed I repeated it again, talking to korean and explain how to do it. Actually it wasn't that satisfied when I realized  I had my friends with me. I forgot that I followed basketball competition, but actually the King was my friend. I got three scars and I was happy :D.

Responsibility exams after practicums, and I had many reports. It's not just it, It was also the assignment. Guess it. All of colleges chit on me. Hihi.. And miss Sugi said to all of us that none is better. all of them wrong caused chit chat. Haha. This was my happiness time. I had my christmas with my family. Visited Taman for a while and gave inkung. Visited my cousins and their Dogs. My cousin from Bandung came to my house. Well a little disappoint I had no long talk with my cousins from Bandung. LOL. I  liked Ajeng. She was so funny. 

12 months can't explain the whole of Happy I was to walk in memories. I will move on.

Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

Boys often like it.

Now is 5:54 a.m and I'm waiting for 5:55 a.m
I'm going to say I miss you.

Hey Guys, just a few moment I did not share my whole mind and diaries to you!do you miss me? Yes!It's 5:55 a.m and I miss you! Right when I typed it.

I go forward so lot after, you know. But then I confuse is that so only this? I met many boys, example in a basketball court, then spend time to team work in the faculty, and the last I met in wedding party. 

  1. It's easy to know, they are interesting enough to me. Even though I acted like a coach in basketball court that time. I love to play basketball in Timezone but then seemed I realize I was too old to play that again because when I saw my score it's only end in level 2 score 60 while my rival (a girl who was wearing hot pants) reached 109 in the level 1 went on to the next level. And that time in basketball court, ehm.. first I played, I was being captain in three on three, I failed to entrance the ball to the ring, then it changed by my friends, and continued till the last battle. The last play, I really mad on. then I scream and I fell and I scream and created a cool basket ball with three scars -_________-. Ehm he saw me. He asked him self  "where is my cloth? " When the first he opened his shirt in front of me. Seemed so weird but. He cool at the moment he dribble the ball, and lay up , got the ball in. First I saw him. Then I have never seen him anymore. Because it end when I chose to practicum than played on three on three basketball.
  2. I don't know what team work it was. Because a problem came when I knew my friends made the presentation slide. While I should face my other friend made it too. Then I followed the group that consisted the more number of member. Although I had to be angry to both of them because it's really like I was the one blamed. But maybe that's the factor I got a high score. It's a present. a price. I just felt it, the same like I felt before to him. But now it seems the same too.
  3. Wedding party before christmas. It was raining out side. And my mother and I still believed on the food in the wedding party. The wedding party belonged to catholic and christian. The bride and the groom were beauty and handsome. Lie of course. more handsome the guy that my mother told me. Yeah I spent time to eat, and move from one dishes to others. Ice cream, empal gentong, and sate. Made me crazy on food, it tasted delicious. But then my mother told me about him. He was her friend's son. I felt thirsty then I took a glass of tea after he took a coca cola like I was before. and he returned the glass of coca cola near to me. I felt nervous, I drank my hot tea and it tasted hot, I said "Oh my God, Hot!" Guess what ? He smiled . hihihi.. so handsome! After that I went on my mom. He walked toward me. I walked avoid him as fast as I could and I stood up near the door almost went home. When I looked for him, I found a pair of eyes looked at me, we are one in a moment. I should go home. And left something in that building. After I went home, I hated because my mom told me he was third grade of SHS. what a jerk!
It was a guilty and a briefly story about a story of Boys. hope you enjoy my end of 2012. By the way, Happy New Year!

Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Gunung Merapi UGM, Graha Sabha Permana

Gunung Merapi dari Bunderan UGM, Graha Sabha Permana kemari pagi pukul 07.00

Lihat gunungnya baru dinyatakan aktif sejak dua hari kemarin


5:25 a.m
I have finished Ecology. And I do not have any complain anymore. It's enough four practicums for this semester.

Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Pantai Baru ' my beach is not dirty!'

I just don't know why I enjoy the moment, actually I have many reports to do. But it were my own problem. I have done great things, and I know I love it.

To be who you are is the best of you.

Went to the Pantai Baru , find some hilarious pictures. And I just uploaded some too to Facebook , Twitter, till this blog. And my protest to the beach found in the 'Pantai Indah' pict. :) absurd but... Happy .

Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

Prepare Christmas

Christmas statues
Here are some pictures to show you my Christmas properties , hope you'll like it :)
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Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Persembunyianku Dalam Lubang Bawah Cemara Udang

Orang-orang harus mempunyai sesuatu dari dirinya.

Kemarin aku punya sesuatu. Sesuatu untuk dibagikan di facebookku. Setelah naluriku disembuhkan oleh ibuku yang mengajakku ke sebuah Pantai. Sebelumnya seorang teman blogku, semacam travel writer pernah mengulas tentang pantai ini. Pantai yang terletak di Srandakan, Bantul ini baru saja dipublikasikan sebagai pantai dekat pantai yang lama. Hanya di sebelah baratnya kurang lebih 1 kilometer. Pantai lama itu bernama Pantai Kuwaru. Sedangkan pantai yang baru bernama Pantai Baru. Belum bertanya pada penduduk lokal kenapa pantai itu diberi nama Pantai Baru. Seakan mengira-ngira aku menemukan jawaban karena pantai itu baru saja ditemukan. Lantas berjuta tanda tanya kenapa Pantai itu tidak dinamakan Pantai Anyar, dirasa lebih terasa Jawa dan dikemas dalam bahasa Jawa ngoko. Sepertinya agar tidak sama dengan Pantai Anyer di Jawa Barat. 

Dahulu hanya satu petunjuk ke arah pantai sekitar Srandakan, Bantul, Pantai Kuwarulah tempatnya. Tetapi setelah kurang lebih 2 kilometer setelah petunjuk yang hanya pantai Kuwaru, langsung terlihat dua gang kecil, di mana yang satu menghubungkan ke pantai Kuwaru dan petunjuk satunya menunjukkan destinasi Pantai Baru.

Menuju ke selatan aku mengendarai motor dengan ibuku. Kata beliau sedang survey untuk piknik teman-temannya sekantor. Jadilah aku yang hari itu libur ditugaskan menyupiri beliau ke Pantai Baru. Sebelumnya kami melewati jalan menuju rumah makan kalkun dan rutan Bantul serta Pajangan, lewat jalan kecil. Bila lewat Kota Bantul, perempatan pertama setelah gapura 'Selamat Datang di Kabupaten Bantul' ke Barat, lurus terus sekitar 2.5 kilometer, ada pertigaan pilih kanan sampai tulisan petunjuk Rutan ambil ke Timur, dan jalan tersebut mengarah ke selatan. Setelah pertigaan BRI dan Soto Pak Narto ke selatan terus hingga plang Pantai Kuwaru, barulah setelah menuruti jalan tersebut ketemu petunjuk arah ke Pantai Baru. Biaya di pos pertama hanya 2000 rupiah per orang, setelah masuk lebih dalam dan terlihat kincir-kincir angin, disitulah letak pantai Baru. Masuk lagi membayar untuk parkir kendaraan saja.  

Labirin pohon

Pantai Baru terlihat mempunyai banyak Cemara Udang atau Casuarina equisetilfolia mewarnai daerah pinggir pantai, berjajar seperti 'among tamu' menerima kita yang akan berwisata ke sana melepas penat. Setelah memarkir kendaraan maka akan terlihat cemara udang tersebut adalah vegetasi terbesar di kawasan itu. Toko-toko berjajar dan mengundang kita untuk bersantap setelah main di pantai seharian. Karena agak lama pembuatan masakan jadi usahakan memesan terlebih dahulu sebelum memulai permainan di pantai. Sekitar 1 - 2 jam, tergantung jumlah pesanan dan kerumitan resep. Aku dan ibu memesan balado dan ikan bakar. Mungkin sekadar cakalang ada di sana. Tetapi tidak seperti kuwaru yang mempunyai pasar ikan di berbagai tempat. Ini hanya rumah makan sederhana. Sesederhana itu pula menenggak es teh di sana sambil mengagumi Pantai Baru.

Semakin ke dalam, jika berjalan di antara pepohonan cemara udang, kita akan menemukan tempat yang mirip labirin pohon atau lorong pohon setelah tulisan 'pakaian' terpampang di salah satu pohon. Tak ketinggalan agak ke barat sedikit banyak lubang-lubang kecil di mana terdapat jingking atau kepiting kecil yang berhabitat di situ, bila kita lewat di saat sepi dan beruntung, kita akan melihat satu atau dua jingking yang menampakkan dirinya. Aku menemukan salah satu dua jingking tetapi terburu masuk ke lubang ketika aku mau memotretnya. Hanya satu jingking yang berhasil aku potret dan itu saja di dekat garis pantai menuju laut.  

Di pantai Baru juga terdapat wahana permainan yaitu kendaraan bermotor kecil untuk dinaiki satu orang per motor untuk ukuran orang dewasa. Namun tak kunaiki dan juga tidak menanyakan harga sewa kendaraan tersebut. 

Lebih ke barat lagi ada gubuk-gubuk untuk berteduh dekat pantai, salah satu gubuk tersebut berisi kulit ikan paus yang diawetkan dan diisi karung-karung agar membentuk. Ikan paus tersebut yang dahulu katanya terdampar di pantai tersebut. 

Sayang, air pantai berwarna coklat, bukan biru dan topografi yang curam membuat turis agak takut untuk menengah. Hanya beberapa kalangan yang memilih untuk memancing di tepian pantai. Tetapi penikmat pemandangan tidak akan kalah takjub dengan ombak yang ada, karena terkadang mencapai 3 meter dari garis pantai rata-rata. Jenis pasir yang hitam memang khas dari pantai selatan tetapi masih cukup indah untuk dibuat miniatur ataupun tulisan di atar pantai berpasir yang katanya memperkuat romantisme suatu hubungan. Awan dan langitpun menyatu dengan gradasi yang apik dengan garis laut dan garis pantai. Penikmat pemandangan pasti tetap puas untuk beristirahat di pantai Baru. Selamat menikmati :) Jangan lupa pesanan ikan di bawa pulang atau di makan bersama orang-orang tersayang di warung tersebut. Harga terjangkau dan hati tetap puas.

Rain, Rainbow, and Thunder

Good Morning!
It's five past five a.m. Well it's a little wet morning. Last night the rain came and flushed Bantul. So did my home. Till I seldom go to swim because the 'RAIN'. Please Guys, for your information it's not the rain like film stars in Korea, This is pure 'rain'.

Wikipedia says that:

Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity.

Rain is a small water which comes out from sky and flush the earth. Other words, Rain come because of the cloud is touched by cold wind and down to the earth as small water.

 Rain is a part of close cycle. It called Hydrology cycle. In My lecture time there are many factors included hydrology cycle: Vegetation, air, water. and many names like: evaporation, transpiration, evapo transpiration, interception, through fall, stem flow, run off, infiltration, and percolation. The rain does many things like I have mentioned.  That cycle is a part of earth's life.

Indonesia is a tropical country. Because of the existence of rain, so there is rain forest. Haha.. it's just an piece of information. Rain comes because of the air is wet, the moisture formed  as the first cold wind cooperates with cloud. Cloud itself is formed from the evaporation of the water in the sea. The sea level increases and evaporates in atmosphere then becomes cloud. The sea level increases because the water increases, and the water comes from the mountain and land. The water in the river, lake, water fall or etc come from the rain.

Then  it were retreat explanation. 

There are many things that follow the rainfall, examples: rainbow and thunder. I don't actually know why they are interested to follow rain after. But rainbow here is a beautiful view. The rainbow consists of 6 colours, they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. It were six, maybe someday it would be funny to make a girl band named rainbow and each person wears every colour, I had the concept by the way. Haha. Rainbow formed after rain because of the refraction of the mirror to the lights (sun) through the water (rain). And usually the nature wonder hunter will perpetuate this view in a picture. Yeah it is seldom happen nowadays. as the icon of this blog, Rainbow is a girl symbol. I made it.

And what about thunder? Thunder is an electric symbol. Why?we know electricity from the natural phenomenon like thunder. And according to sponge bob film the ancient people knew the fire firstly from thunder. Thunder is an electric phenomenon on the atmosphere. The negative cloud meet and rub against each other with positive cloud. We shall know that the cloud contains positive and negative electricity. So if the negative meets positive, it impacted to the form of thunder. Thunder appears as lightning incident and we can see that like sound or the lightning cloud. It can burn the things. As you know, be careful of this one, because it is dangerous. Thunder in the middle of the storm is a frightened one. 

Minggu, 25 November 2012


What? Is that forest?

Yeah, I almost forget my job to finish my study in forestry. I think one of my friends was accurately right about posting Wanagama. On how I should meaning this forest.

Wanagama is short word from Wana and Gama (Gadjah Mada). It means the forest owned by Gajah Mada University. It located in Gunung Kidul. I do not know the historical side. But a little I know It didn't build by Patih Gajah Mada or something like Indonesian ancestor. 

Dina posted it from long-long ago about wanagama. There are placed to Gunung Kidul society for living. Firstly, it was only unknown land and no irrigation there. Because of the dry season and no water there, a few of lecturer Gajah Mada University build a forest named wanagama.

It consists of many plants but the pioneer usually Teak, Eucalyptus,melaleuca cajuputi and others. Wanagama became crowd as the growth of those trees.

Usually wanagama is a placed to study for Forestry student of GMU. It concluded to education forest. But it's not only containing forest also has homestay for living in. It rent to other university student which cooperate with Gajah Mada to study or doing experiment there. FYI, internationally accepted, include Korea, Germany student.

Gajad Mada cooperate with society to manage wanagama. So after participation formed, it get responsibility in managing that forest. 

Yesterday I went there for doing practicum and it was almost very nice if there's no rain. The rocks became so slippery when its wet. You can see a blue sky behind canopy if there was sunshine. Different with cloudy, the cloud close the sky and became gray white gradation. 

A piece surprise that usually the lecturer go there by their own car. Yesterday my lecturer went there by jeep and do you know its drove so rock so awesome!

So be there guys. You could get so many fresh air there except the water. The water is whitewash and it is not so delicious.



Rabu, 21 November 2012

Jumat, 16 November 2012

Call Me on phone? whoever you are.


Tired of waiting...

then we go to other way.

This would be a cool song lyric if I knew the appropriate  melody to put on. But right know even I sing and even I say 'I love you''s only for Bugs. Yeah I got a broken heart again... after I deleted some of my posts consisting him. Still different if I say the *piiiiiiiip. I do not need to return anything. But I don't know with my future next, could I stand on this faculty without *piiiiiiiip? I censored the *piiiip I couldn't say.

Yeah I don't get any relationship with him before. But some of signs told me he liked me. Somehow it's no longer exist and then... We don't know how we feel anymore. Last time I opened *piiip piiiip and *piiiip piiiip piiiiiip (twice and more) He already got a girl. Then? I suffer hihihi. (I truly laugh, cause I still use his *piiiip right now. )Just two weeks ago and today I still feel the empty heart in me.

I have never compared him actually as my close eyes. My opened eyes, I was just having high prestige to not compare him to others.

To start a real love 'you brave to love means brave to hurt'. It's a package. I cannot choose between them.

Admit as a woman, loosing her love means crying. I almost, hey.. I a-l-m-o-s-t but.. I think again that I was too high prestige to give my tears. I only on PMS and I cried because I opened ehm.. facebook. I saw her photos and I missed her so much. I don't know how to arrange my words for this. But real best friend when I fall, she offer her hands.  

By the way while I start to write my love story in this blog I feel so guilty, And I want to laugh but near called best friend seems a big scar open in my heart. Maybe I just need a best friend not a boy friend yet.

I read a chicken soup for the 'power of pray'. Although I forget what it is real name I only got the meaning. Last night after I read that book, I prayed to God, and mostly to my family. The closest one. Those prays be wished by a thousand or million people. I cannot imagine if I am God, I will get a big brain like Jimmy Neutron or a smart brain like Einstein's cause I should dividing the prays into several parts and put one which is most important.

Well... today I do happy, I got a very unbelievable activity because I did gardening with my parent. Yeah it really enhance my mood.

Minggu, 11 November 2012

Desperate hair cut - photo editing software

I didn't have any job, so I choosed to spend my time with picasa, photo scape, and corel application software.  This is it... Check it out

Jumat, 09 November 2012

Barack Obama and Jokowi

Now, I want to give my opinion about Barack Obama and Jokowi.
According to news that I've read mentioned that both of them almost the same. Maybe they are twin in some.

Barack Obama in America and Jokowi is in Indonesia. But they lead different region, different background countries.

Barack Obama leads USA and Jokowi leads Jakarta. Both of them are capital city of big countries and continent (world).

What makes it so special. Because news mentioned that money wasn't brought us to real leadership. So this is a trending topic in Indonesia. Obama and Jokowi seems so same in a few things. They didn't use money to gain votes.

Their background almost the same, they born in almost non-prestigious family. They were so usual persons at that time.

The inner beauty here. They growth from a solidarity. And they are liberal in religion. I mean they are tolerant. Obama and Jokowi close to the society that what makes them lovable in our communities.

Something break our sight in money. USA leads the donation of united nation and how Obama leads the USA to stay on top and manage the economic based for modern, develop,  and developing countries. I read the newspaper Kompas today, mentioned 'how does the president of USA manage the country leader?' And some of them mentioning the relation within economic site.

And Jokowi command and said to Jakarta's to grow the plants, and decrease the traffic. I just disapointed cause my friend tweet the news said Jokowi is Civil engineering alumni. Oh God it was so make me disappointed. Maybe he had it for master degree and Forestry in GMU isn't so popular. That's why so that so they underestimate forestry faculty. Admit it. But maybe his last education. Hahaha..

Compare that if Jokowi said to them He was from Civil engineering and Obama admit Indonesia. It is really not fair. But maybe someday, we will be the same if we see their result what their region will be. Admiring them.

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Magic wand

7:18 p.m

I wonder I have a magic wand, 

Have you watched 'Star Wars'? Actually It wasn't a good question. My first was magic wand and then next a question 'Star Wars'? But yes, both of them in the writer's imagination.Considering I live on the truly earth and I have no obi wan kenobi, Gandalf, even Dumbledore here. I have my mom. Ups she went to Jakarta to work. So, I still have my sister and my father. Sometimes I ask to my father how to solve my problem, because the good adviser sometimes our self but when it's not work, maybe someone else needed.

Sword as its name is an equipment to kill someone and to win some battles. Ehm.. it was according to me. Magic sword was the object of the star wars' film which hold by Luke. I still remember Harry Potter was also a main character who hold magic wand and Dumbledore as the adviser. 

If I am nobita, I will have doraemon and magic pocket. If I was Luke, I would have obi wan kenobi and magic sword. All the characters here have a similarity. They have a back bone and an object. But we are human human. Sometimes I thought, the good one is to be magician who have their own magic wand without having someone who tells them for what it used. 

Guys, what I wanted to tell you. Being human normally understood is difficult. Our back bone sometimes come and go. Maybe we have no back bone at all. Maybe our back bone forget us. But maybe we don't see our backbone. Seeing is not looking. Searching is not looking for. Seeking is not for hiding. 

Sometimes what we believe in seems too far. But maybe many back bones be ready. So, in here, hope is our magic wand. It could change everything. We only forgot how to wish it. 

You grow bigger honey, so be brave to wish.

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012


I'm blind and being absurd.

So by this post, permit me to say sorry of many times did not post an entry.

Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Duo Kelinci

Udah lama banget nggak ngisi blog ini dengan bahasa Indonesia, bikin kangen iya, bikin rindu iya.. ya gimana mau namanya konsen sama Kehutanan juga tetep jalan yang lain susah juga. Lama-lama kalau terlalu banyak nyambangin perpustakaan dan bergelut dengan pohon sebah juga, jadilah gue lari-lari ke mana-mana buat ngurangin kefanatikan terhadap suatu hal.

Aku punya peliharaan sekarang kurang lebih hampir satu bulan mereka ada di rumah ini, Chevy dan Bugs, kalau nama lengkapnya sih Chevy Summer sama Bugs Bunny. Berhubung kemarin mengetahui kalau ikan komet yang baru aja aku beli berkurang banyak dalam tempo 4 hari saja, aku 'munying' bahasa gaul dari marah-marah dalam hati, akhirnya ngasih nama baptis buat dua kelinciku Chevy dengan Bernardus dan Bugs dengan Benedictte. Bilang aja keterlaluan deh, gara-gara nama baptis adik dan saya sendiri dijadikan nama baptis kelinci. 

Status kepemilikan sih si Chevy punya adik dan Bugs punyaku, tapi kalau soal merawat bareng-bareng lah. Foto pada entri sebelum ini adalah foto kedua kelinciku. Soal curhat, ya inilah bentuk curhat gue, sekadar berbagi cerita dan keadaan. Btw, kelinciku cepet banget tumbuhnya dan akrab sama aku. Cuma mau deket kalau aku bawa Briter Bunny mereka, alias stock makanan kelinci bule. Kelinciku termasuk asli biasaaaaa, tapi mereka punya dokter Dyah dan kandang pink serta kalung nggak jelas yang aku pasangin. Mandi itu yang nggak pernah, masih takut kalau mereka gering dan sakit. Soalnya pertama kali dateng langsung aja sakit mencret dan kembung. 

Setelah baca buku Guruku Berbulu dan Berekor punya Indi itu baru aku ngrasa naluri memelihara datang lagi. Nggak cuma manusia yang bisa jadi guru tapi hewan juga bisa, itu sih yang aku tangkep dari judul yang Indi buat, btw, si Chiko anjing Taman masuk dalam salah satu cerita di buku Indi. Jadi baca ya, soalnya ada namaku di situ :D. Dan covernya kelinci itu yang bikin aku lebih excited buat menghargai buku itu lebih lagi selain royalti yang disumbangin ke yayasan fauna. Pasalnya jadi banyak sekitarku yang ngeluarin anjingnya buat diajak jalan-jalan. Kemarin baru aja liat Golden Retriever lewat, aku langsung teriak ,"Cakep banget!" Terus malemnya minta Goldie sama Bapak selain ikan dan akuarium. Emang payah sih, ngidam binatang. Eh.. jangan kira aku hamil... masih perawan. Tapi lebih tepat jomblo karatan. Berhubung aku pindah kasongan dan di sini jarang anjing, dekat masjid pula. Dilema yang mempertemukan aku sama Bugs dan Chevy. 

Walaupun pertama kali mereka datang dirusuhin sama anak-anak kampung sini, sama kayak ikan-ikanku masalahnya. Hmmm... kalau aja aku punya anak besok, aku mempertimbangkan untuk pelihara anjing dulu sebelum pelihara ikan dan lainnya. 


Udahan deh ceritanya, bibirku ndower saking capeknya cerita ngalor ngidul. hehe sambung lain kali ya...

Rabu, 12 September 2012


6:54 p.m

Guys, I'm desperate for love.

Do you miss me? Lot of moment came to me recently in really fast speed to make an end of my holiday. An end that's only showing how beautiful life that He gives.

After I got migraine so many and having unbelievable random sense with sick and ill, and since I tried to be patient of all times and say thanks for everyday, He showed me how to love my life. 

Two months holiday were nice, and so nice to refresh my mind, it's really able to arise your spirit. Actually not only because I met Mr. Choi, but also having a peace of life. Don't need to be alone when you want peace, it can be meeting others. Yeah, I believe it now, sometimes I feel I should get my time alone, only for thinking my friends, but when we met, we are one in a moment. 

My first holiday plan was only  meet my grandma in Depok, Jakarta. But rest of it, I found my self in Malioboro, swimming pool, kitchen, and pet shop several times. Then, I trapped in East Java and Bali. Early lecture time I was in forestry faculty.

Warn me if I did wrong in grammar. Mrs.Ambar this day tough me to fix my english. English needed of all times we share our argument to foreign. Because english is International language, and through english people brave to talk. Once I wanted to be co ass but a big gate of scared had prohibited me. Why? because I wasn't enough confident. The most confident, I am beauty and rather slim than before :). "Go abroad for paid not to pay", She said..

Remind me to flash back some moments. Don't think! But when I felt a way for crush on someone. I felt the feel. I taste and I swim. Or I fly and don't fall. or I walk and not to stop. The sun only bright in once a day not twice but continue. So does this life, only walks once and continue.

Not important. I feel my knees on the floor and ready. 

Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

Sekelebat Uneg-Uneg Kehutanan

Hampir jam sepuluh malam ketika malam ini saya merindukan masa-masa saya saat sama dia, entah ketika bertemu akan sama atau mungkin sama lelahnya, saya hanya kangen.

Bukan cuma itu pemirsa yang pingin saya ceritakan pemirsa, hanya baru tahu bahwa kehutanan itu juga sedikit berhubungan dengan laut, dan itu konservasi terhadap ekosistem laut dan tumbuhan yang dapat hidup di laut dan sekitarnya yaitu terumbu karang dan mangrove. Sewaktu kuliah lapangan dahulu saya diperkenalkan dengan hutan pantai dan hutan payau, dimana sekitarnya itu air dan kebanyakan adalah di hulu laut atau teluk.

Dan keinginan saya untuk melihat keanekaragaman bawah laut saya hubungkan dengan profesi yang akan saya tekuni nanti, apa saja yang berhubungan dengan hutan, saya bercita-cita bukan hanya gelar saja tetapi juga ilmu saya dipakai. Berdasar yang saya baca, ternyata kehutanan di bidang manajemen kurang lebih mengurusi kehutanan sosial juga, dimana masyarakat juga ambil bagian dalam pengelolaan hutan. Ternyata masyarakat juga ada kesadaran akan keberadaan hutan, banyak dari kita disadari juga menuntut ilmu untuk mengeksploitasi yang ada dibidangkan. Termasuk kehutanan, ketika kita menguasai seluk beluk kehutanan mungkin 'jujur' hanya sekadar kata dan hasilnya pemanfaatan tidak seimbang dengan kelestarian. Manajemen hutan berisi rehabilitasi lahan bekas pakai ke hutan tanaman. Karena hal berhubungan dengan pengembalian adalah re- maka semua yang berhubungan dengan hutan akan menjadi reboisasi, regenerasi, rehabilitasi, dan tentunya di bidang kehutanan. 

Dari bidang kehutanan yang saya tekuni sampai hampir tahun ketiga saya isi dengan menuangkan dalam bentuk presentasi, essay-essay yang termasuk tugas kuliah dan juga mengisi artikel dalam suatu kegiatan organisasi, dan mengutarakan pendapat lewat blog ini dan status-status saya. Tetapi tak banyak yang bisa saya lakukan untuk concern terhadap masalah kehutanan yang baru-baru ini berlangsung. Konversi dan deforestasi sudah menjadi masalah sejak dulu di bidang konservasi tetapi untuk korupsi hutan adalah bagian yang banyak diminati di manajemen.

Sisa-sisa pengetahuan ini ternyata ada gunanya ketika saya dimintai bantuan mengisi outbond untuk anak kelas 6 sd di muntilan Jawa Tengah. Di sana kami para mahasiswa diminta menjadi penjaga pos sesuai keahlian masing-masing. IKC adalah nama perkumpulan tersebut, organisasi berdiri untuk meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat terhadap bencana alam. Saya salah satu penjaga pos yang menerangkan isi bencana.

@ SD Ngupasan, Muntilan

Mengakui saya bukan asisten dosen sama sekali, dan belum mempunyai pengalaman mengajar, saya mencontoh dari kakak-kakak IKC yang menerangkan terlebih dahulu, tapi namanya juga saya mahasiswa kehutanan gaul, nasi telah menjadi bubur bahwa penjelasan saya ujung-ujungnya kehutanan.

Saya tidak begitu tahu banyak, tetapi kalau menduga dan diajak berpikiran logis, negara yang bukan di jalur khatulistiwa dan tidak mempunyai hutan tropis saja merasa suhu lebih panas daripada biasanya, apalagi Indonesia yang terbiasa dengan hutan sebagai pelindung sinar UV matahari. Yang ada perubahan iklim terasa sekali dampaknya dan untuk begitu juga perubahan kebutuhan manusia termasuk hand and body lotion. Memang saya akui bahwa biasanya daun yang dibutuhkan lidah buaya, ginseng, bengkoang, dan mungkin kalau obat-obatan dan vitamin seperti minyak ikan. 

Itulah pemirsa, saya bingung kenapa kehutanan memang mencakup kebutuhan tetapi kuota lahan berkurang juga, kepadatan penduduk dan pemenuhan barang kebutuhan ini yang mendorong untuk tanggap bencana dan menyesuaikan diri. Tanggap bencana terhadap perubahan iklim, bisa dibilang paus yang terdampar belakangan ini karena migrasi yang didorong ketidaknyamanan habitat. Bila sudah mati seperti hiu paus yang di parang kusumo itu mungkin dimanfaatkan secara besar-besaran selain menjadi ajang tontonan. Saya tinggal di Bantul dekat pantai itu tapi saya hanya mendengar lewat berita. 

Pemirsa, bukan karena barang fana Dia membayar dosa kita, tetapi ketika kita menjaga yang menjadi hak kita itu adalah usaha yang baik. Setidaknya mengelola bersama atau kerja sama dan jujur ada di dalamnya.
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Kamis, 09 Agustus 2012

58, not too old to wear a young shirt

Good Morning! My beloved blog, recently my stomach disturbed my self by not good condition. And did you know the reason? Because I ate fried noodle too much. And it's not only instant but also from a restaurant. For the sake of this I really hate a lot fried noodle, imagine that I should wake up in the 3 O'clock then went to the bathroom, and I wasn't fasting.

And Guys, what did happen till I went to the restaurant (did you know, from the beginning I had too much questions which should be answered just by me)? It was my father's birthday! 58th! How wonderful that was!

Actually, it were two days celebration, first, Ayam Geprek Angkringan, and second, Lie Djong. The first celebration was only our small family member it was just because I gave the  present earlier, exactly in 7th August. Then, yesterday, my sister gave a 'kelengkeng' tree and Monggo Chocolate for the present. I'm sorry I have no photo of those because I was in a hurry to give the presents, the same as my sissy. Seemed because too many 'kelengkeng' and it is going to be our first family tree in this new home, I think it's proper enough if I call us kelengkeng family! And me, I just gave a T-shirt and shampoo. I doubted that My father would use the shampoo. Haha..

Before we went to Lie Djong, My father shared JOGJA CHICKEN for our neighbours, and birthday presents came after like many cakes. Here are few photos while first and second celebration.

Angkringan Lombok Abang

Lie Djong

Happy always comes when it needed, Guys. Just be young!

Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Create cucumber!

Evening Sunset! This is how I meaning cucumber after had a talk with my family! A simple creation and I wonder you just like it to refresh your eyes! or.. giving you any idea to create something. :D Check it out!
The bowl man
Orange creation
A little beauty
A beauty
Actually it was inspired by my mother while cut the watermelon and before watched masterchef Indonesia and recently got accident with the experiment before I tried masking it and failed, then you know then, I made the better one :). Slice the cucumber first. Just like peel the cucumber rind and peel the pulp by thin, do it more than a half from right and left, meet in one area but don't be cut. Then make it spiral or just as your creation >> for the 'beauty'. And the bowl man, do it like make a hole in the end of the cucumber but slice it first. and fill it with kelengkeng (special fruit from Indonesia)then the kelengkeng rind as the blangkon (the hat) and the leave pieces for the eyes and nose or mouth (I made it inverted). Then it could decorate your home made food.
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Pantai - entri yang nggak panjang

Namaku cinta ketika kita bersama
Berbagi rasa untuk selamanya
Namaku cinta ketika kita bersama
Berbagi rasa sepanjang usia

Hingga tiba saatnya aku pun melihat
Cintaku yang khianat, cintaku berkhianat

Aku terjatuh dan tak bisa bangkit lagi
Aku tenggelam dalam lautan luka dalam
Aku tersesat dan tak tahu arah jalan pulang
Aku tanpamu butiran debu

Butiran Debu -Rumor-

Pemirsa. Hai! Ini udah malem, hampir jam sebelas malam. Bagi pemirsa yang lagi puasa, Happy Fasting! Buat yang nggak lagi puasa, lapak-lapak tutup cin.. Semangat kurus! (barusan aja makan nasi goreng porsi kuli).

Akhir-akhir ini, setelah aku mengurangi porsi lemak di badan, aku mulai berani pakai baju renang buat renang. Omong-omong soal baju renang, karena yang item merah ritsletingnya rusak, aku beli baru, murah sih.. tapi setelah jalan ke malioboro, pikiranku berbicara,'tadi ada sponsnya nggak ya?' Dan setelah sampai rumah, terbukti, baju selam cowok. Selamat buat saya yang kena murah tapi salah beli. Pelajaran pertama pos ini adalah berhati-hatilah ketika membeli, ingat pada kriteria yang sudah ditetapkan sebelum membeli.

Sedikit lelah juga mengurangi porsi nafsu buat nyebur ke air, tetapi karena sudah agak bad mood karena salah beli, harus terbayar dengan sedikit hiburan. Jam setengah tiga langsung ke kolam dan penetapan hari kamis tepat dengan membawa diri sendiri minus celana dalam (akhirnya aku beli di toko terdekat). Pelajaran kedua: Jangan kelupaan barang bawa, itu menambah pengeluaran.

Setelah berenang, aku yakin aku sangat capek, sehingga nggak keramas langsung berusaha tidur dengan bau rambut yang, well, kau sendiri pasti nggak tahan.Tetapi satu hal yang kuingat ,"Aku pingin ke wakatobi." 

Searching google, dan sekali ke pantai sebelum liburan depok-bandung, aku menembak raja ampat tapi sepertinya biaya modal tidak mencapai target, dan beban sks yang dimuatkan juga tidak. Jadi saya menambah pengetahuan dengan google.

Pantai adalah sebuah bentuk geografis yang terdiri dari pasir, dan terdapat di daerah pesisir laut. Daerah pantai menjadi batas antara daratan dan perairan laut.
source: wikipedia

 Walaupun nggak nyambung tapi di bawah ini adalah potret banyak pantai di Yogyakarta:

source: yogyes 

dan masih ada Kuwaru dan Baru yang pernah aku kunjungi di Yogyakarta. Tapi sayangnya pantai yang aku kunjungi kebanyakan pasir berwarna hitam, karena daerah yang curam dan tidak landai. 

Ngobrol soal pantai, sayang aku nggak punya foto yang cukup bagus buat di pamerin setidaknya ini:
Pantai Parangtritis

Pantai Parangtritis

Pantai Kukup

Pantai Baru

Pantai Depok

Pantai Kuwaru

Pantai Kuwaru

Pantai Ngrenehan

Pantai Parangtritis

Sejauh ini ke pantai, disitu temen-temen SMA dan keluargaku :) belum sama temen kuliah. Dan soal planning wakatobi nih, yang penting pernah aja deh liat karang selain di akuarium TMII :D, secara pingin banget bisa nyelam tapi hasilnya mesti ngambang aja. Haha..  Kalau foto kolam renang yang sering aku cambangi :

Let me introduce this woman, I have forgotten her name, but.. if it was yes.. dia saksi gue selama berada di kubangan air tawar ini sendirian dan sama adek-adek gue. :D

Dan the last, aku mau minta maaf deh buat fasilitator retret gara-gara fotonya baru diupload sekarang dan cuma seperempat. *my deepest heart, alay nggak papa..