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Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

"I'm sorry I can't be perfect"

13:45 p.m
I'm sorry
Waroeng Djogja Tempoe Doeloe

This is weird. I am feeling dejavu for the replaying times. I don't know whether it is love, hurt, or skizo.

I almost hate my self when I said skizo again. Because it was really difficult to get this condition. I was ever loving persons (say it people). I hate.. to be the one and 'she'. Who is 'she'? She is not important. Well.. Just this afternoon Mbak citra sang "I'm sorry I can't be perfect"

Yeah it remembered me to my senior high school time. My heart was so weak. Easy to fall in love.. Easy to get interested with others. I have to learn that my past is a part of my life. And I should learn.. It appeared. But I don't know why I couldn't feel it. I couldn't. Now, it is so different. I should face my past while continuing my life. Even I cry doesn't mean the world stop spinning and neither does my life.

Hello my blog.. This is my heart's say for now.. For the next, I don't know.

Remember desember.. Remember remember..

Try to convince my self that I am alright. Jangan terlambat.. Dan jadilah lebih indah -Adera Ega-
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