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Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Margaret Thatcher as my confidence of coincidence

I began bored, because have no idea to write here. Everyone turned me around I don't know where I am right now. Well, physically I am at the front bedroom. From my point of view, I can see my old phone next to my netbook, my usb cable on the right position of my netbook, my phone on the red chair, my pillow under my chest, and you!>> my beloved Ben Q (couldn't imagine if I replaced you someday).

Better I directly go to the main this short essay, I recently watch 'Margaret Thatcher' with my sissy last Thursday (middle of this week), I missed to watch movie because as you know I almost spend my holiday by my own. Asking someone to accompany me seemed totally failed, and I couldn't ask more cause rejection which happened in the last time I enrolled.

The theater so quiet, just few people at the back accompanied me and my sissy, she told me that this film wasn't sold out. Or I thought because my stupid electronic organism in my body so no body. I felt freely to laugh, chatting with my sissy without caring what others talk about me, or I sat where-was-not-my-sat.

Margaret Thatcher was a first woman Prime Minister in Britain. She called as Iron Lady because she could influence and attract public to follow her way and she was against communism. She belonged to the Conservative and her way is methodist (no comment- I don't know anything about that way). Try to think about her personality which is really clearly explain something, and spoke so confidence (I meant the actress-Meryl Streep). But a little disturbing my own because she left her family (and it made me disappointed) well.. at the first, the rest she agreed to his husband. It cool. When she became old then, her husband died, she lived in hallucinations like her husband was there.

On the top of this film, like the main what actually told by this film, about the hallucinations, I was a little grumpy, my sister recently told me that I live there, I don't know too.. But I felt my past is my past, whether I tried to continue my life or not, you have seen. I have continued it till I am here and in this time. When Margaret Thatcher left her past, she moved on. I also feel free by the way.

The emotions of this film influence the audiences, no more no less. It is enough for this portion. I satisfied, not just because I appreciated the film but also I enjoyed the moment.

When you are usual as your way, you are special at the moment

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