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Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Dear heart

22 March 2012

Dear Heart,
inside my body

I don't want to be busy to ask you whether you are well or not. You are tired right. What a pity! Well, I don't want clearing how your body mechanism walking, how your day hanged in less than a half for others.

Aaaa~~ I know you, my lovely, audience. You push me to tell about this. (Don't mind to call 14045, for more information about other junk food to make your body weaker but better for your heart, I mean I am random). Well, my absolutely a half to whatever, sometimes when you see the sweet moment you will encourage my brain to imagine with whom I'll do the same. Why? I don't know, I have no knowledge about you, I realize you have tasted it with many hearts. Haha.. but.. the feeling when you are nervous, when you are in desire, when you are stuck, well it are almost all of people feel it and you get that, all are blending in that sweet moment. Miggy! I almost forgot other feeling of you. You are the one that shall be blamed (You're the one, you're the one (You Da One-Rihanna)). Make it simple, if (OMG I use this!) I am sitting next to a handsome guy whom I have a feeling about, (sometimes) I will get that 3 feelings. You got!

I'm not in a broken heart, guys. But what I thought that was I just feel sweet and break. For this, on how I remember Cathy Sharon, She will marry a marketing employee. (I am not actually sure that she is really falling in love. Any other aspect? She changed my mind) Nothing.. continue, Feeling of hurt has attacked you. Considering, how much you have ever felt break, considering how many times boys play you, like you are Play Station 3. I don't enough confident to attack a boy like a zombie (Pants vs Zombie - I just imagined about that) It is scary.. But I think you will feel nervous when I do that.. (SO ME, Guys). Hey, heart! are you just tired because of you are alone this time? are you tired to taste other boy's heart?

You can taste all feelings.. (most of you feel hurt and happy) I get you, this is about boys and girls. not about when you lost your pieces in your family and friends. I know that feeling. You have felt it by the way.

Hey, heart! would you like to help me filling you. I want you feel something. Tired to be played, tired to be hurted, tired to taste sweet then break. Seemed I feel that.

(remind me to get a permit from Sm*sh - a korean group vocal from Indonesia)

Good bye! you deserve to get a happy moment after this. Hope your pray, be done. Amen. Be brave to love.

Me in you


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