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Rabu, 18 April 2012

It's Not That Hard To Imagine


Too much things to think and too much cost to spend
Hihi.. seems absurd right? Yeah, as you know I get a little headache this couple weeks. Before I said a sentence above I wrote "too much think to think and too much cost to cost" remember that I used "think' which is not the same as "thing".

Actually, I recently got migraine last night, hate to study every night for two credits every subject. Hmm.. it's not that hard to imagine, I spent my time running around Jogja.. hihi.. (not that hard), using motorbike :). The status quo now for jogja is becoming hotter and hotter everyday, ladies and gentlemen. The words  'climate change' really touching magma and made it worse day by day. News mentioned "I don't know actually how many degrees we got this hot weather" around 26 degrees Celsius. A little hot a little wet, when it's hot, yeah, we need to put off our sweeter or jacket and I need such as a fan or an AC to decrease this hot weather. 

Guys, for living in a village is not that hard, I could adapt, although slowly but sure. And I believe you'll be living happily there, my neighbors almost really nice to us (my family), when my mother got sick, she got a soup and really nice attention. We are newbie there, and they are good. Thanks to God. 

And for my jobs, I quit from an event committee. I have planned before I set this decision, but I do some slow motion for this. 

"Wait, guys, I heard the vice president and president voices here, I think I get so hard headache. Don't say skizo!"

The proposal for White Day won (truly, none, except my organization sent this proposal>>meaning my own) And after evaluation, 'jleb' my words  really bad, do not call it proposal hahahaha.. The head commanded to my junior brothers and sisters to manage decoration and do the competition. Nothing, no secret at all.

"You know, guys this fried rice is delicious, you shall try this. haha, emm.. I mean the meatballs, the egg, and the sausages. Hey, I need explanation why the stand's name is Mr.D o_O"

Well, too many persons with label "Mr" around my life, but this one is not, "Kang Mas" is a little disgusting to be heard but, that's how I meaning him, the rest of these all days, I don't know where he is. I looked for him almost all the time. Yeah, I got  fail till this time. Disappoint? of course. But, once again, it's not that hard to imagine (like the advertisement on tv). For complete description about him, I don't want to expose too much, whether he has got a girl or not, I don't know. Just to remember to not to be over confident, it closed to forest fire. XD. No! I won't do illegal logging, what I want to do is protecting the vegetation -_-" or I want to climb the tree and reach the canopy, moreover to get a little high I want to climb till the emergent level hehe ^^.

After the philosophy exam, I remember what I study last night that the word 'philosophy' is built from 'philos' = love and 'sophia' = wise.  Well, wise love? hahahahahaha XD funny funny!
 ε(⌣.⌣")з Ɨƚ♏♏♏♏♏♏,¸¸,•°˚°ºº

Wait a minute, THIS IS MY DIARY kyaaa.. oh well, doesn't matter. I trust you. hihi.. don't be gossiper, more information ask me!

Once get fail doesn't matter, try harder and get better!

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