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'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Jumat, 27 April 2012


Hi, Guys!

Long time no kissing my blog.. kyaaa how is it going? better? well.. a little.
I have an idea, after I posted too many statuses and sharing bla bla bla rubbish to others.

Then, what is that? LOL, okay a little weird. I have it from my twitter.. by the way.. I just knew it recently, that LOL is laughing out loud. But whereas the Jessie J's song is 'Who is Laughing Now?' but for me, LOL is an impact of my odd, insane, crazy things. Hehe.. did you think it is okay? maybe yes maybe no..

I don't know actually, in my opening set up, I heard my father said unclear things, and I couldn't catch the point. Yeah, in my life which changes in jet lag condition. Because even though I had drink my medicine a half for a day I really still get stress because too many rubbish fly on the air around my head, ears, and other persons mouth, guys. Okay, I'm really sorry to trash you in my garbage. Honestly, I just don't (do) care 'about that at last' - Hot Chelle Rae. You should attend to my parenthesis and quotation mark, hell! made it by my own.

I'm in hopeless of forest management planning because I have no understanding sight of this reports. Aaaaa... "wanna scream" and a little stupid things recently. Don't be!!!

By the way, My LOL recently was so stupid. For today, I wanted to attend general lecture, because I had an appointment to fix my fault (promise my self) then the impact I lost my wallet. Okay, first stupid moment. Second, That was my first time swimming in 7 meters depth of UNY swimming pool. STUPID!!! and the most weird, I could do that ( 00)/$('' )$ well with my friend... *hengggg*

Relax, I just felt it is 'delicious' haha..

Besides my LOL-ing, nothing.. deep inside, I must kill my lonely. Tired. *hoahhmm*...

I wrote this, almost non-filtering-words. Bye, See you soon, guys!

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