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Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Behind Police Cap

8:18 p.m
two hours for this short post
New terrace

Just now, Lady Gaga has been a real boombastic issue in my heart full country, Indonesia. She has been told everywhere and becoming a topic in Indonesia Lawyers Club. FPI rejects Lady Gaga show. It is unfair to many societies if it should be banned. A small debate about religion actually a little disturbing my own. Religion can't be debated, and I should stand on my first debate competition judging that I shouldn't bring that kind motion to every person's religion. Because I think from a side of my position.. with or without blaming my opposition, honestly the most powerful religion in Indonesia should think the most wise thinking. Maybe they are just being scared of if their followers decrease or any other aspects. Well, I am judging. 
My sister did. She is debating all of FPI said. I am just being curious the fanaticism increase fast.

Doing some works along these last days, actually like done nothing. I was doing on my reports and adding what was less of mine, interaction, reading, ironing, -_-" (don't you laugh at me! I hate being your play station, realized it is not go forward since 6 months ago) and doing my favorite things. And I am not doing exercise.

First day of this week, that was Monday, I got a fool day with a not-common-sense in my heart, (I am not falling in love yea, I felt different) I was lazy but I still tried to loose my not-common-sense then it began with a thousand unlucky facts. Ok, really pleasure to blame the police. Why he stayed in a cross road Pugeran street. I got a red card (imagine if it is a football match, every time seeing a goal even it was an opponent I was still screaming WOW! the truth every time I saw the referee gives a red card to the football player, it felt like when I was in that cross road. Loose my soul for a second -the angels won't do that to me, they save me), okay.. It was my fault. I know (sacrifice my self talking to God with every human ears hear it). One of the road is for a rider from north to south but I against it by riding my motor from south to north and the clearly one, ignoring the rules. Ladies and gentlemen if you live in Indonesia, there is nothing impossible, you can do anything you want to do to escape from the police but on how.. I did not and never. I paid the price around 30 thousands rupiahs because of my fault. My friends for a hundred times (start counting 1,2,3 yea then A HUNDRED! | "No, it was THREE HUNDRED!" | Hell yea..I was dreaming watch it in a cinema, Guys, it was a name of a film) remind me to do that by facebook or mouth to mouth. I was not listening to my friends story about 'how to escape' even if I listened to it, I would forgot it fast and I am not remember hahahaha..

Almost the same to my sister actually.. hihi, I am being so stupid, thinking of us trapped in the same law country which its law ignored and we are still care. Although 'still' didn't mean as 'always'. Different field, different personality.. kyaaa... bumps on it, I still care (Hope you proud my mommy and poppy.) The police asked me to give my vehicle registration and driver's license after he asked me to stop on the edge of (glory) the road. Then he commanded me to go to the police stand. He gave me an advice, "To be you, actually what you saw. It was fault. It blocked the way to ..bla bla bla". I hate to admit it, I don't remember what I knew yea.. it was my fault then what I should do just doing this with peace way, other words I should pay for my fault. Ehm.. blame the police who wanted the money most, every morning they stayed in a cross road just to add their institute money. How couldn't I think of it? From the first I got motorcycle I got a special treatment of ignoring rules. If you think about Pak Zamroni as my headmaster those semester in SHS, you should be crazy of me, who every times came late and skipped the class just for saying I was a cool student.Wrong perception guys, you are cool when you are tidy, and be great on your test without cheating, corrupt, illegal logging and so on and so forth. Guys, I am bumbling.

Yea.. the truth was the police asked me to attend a court on some day. But by the reasons, I should attend to my lecture times and I didn't want my parents angry to me with a knife in the right hand and chase me around my village, there after so many reasons like a tail or sausages chain for a dog, I paid on the spot. Clear! I have never attend a court before for having a local business like that, but my sister had. You know, she often trapped in the post police, the point is the different in the 'court'. Because every my sister trapped and got a court was always near her school, like her JHS. That moment, the police promoted police school to the students, yea.. not every person wants to be a police right now. They prefer to be an office employee. I don't want you to know more reasons why I choose the office work for my future next. I was like a man-man or woman-woman commonly, I don't want to be too busy under the hot weather over there. Although it did, I took the worst if I have no job at all because of my blog which is mentioned my personality and the displeasure attitude of mine. Don't be. 

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