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Jumat, 11 Mei 2012


Day Dreams

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope, with anything

Weird, guys, knowing I am being so honest these last days. Usually, I am a liar, means, I was honest but it's covered. Did you think I am alright? a little no a little yes. I have been doing some necessary things, such as: praying, working on my reports, doing practicum, eating chocolates, and whatever.

This time I am listening to Hot Chelle Rae, I like their songs, since two weeks ago when my sissy start to be freaking out of one direction, I decided to stop being aggressive, because Zayn only tweeted 'hi everyone' and so on and so forth. In the 'honestly' vevo go show (youtube) they (HCR) suggested to hang out and have fun. Then this is what I do, writing my blog.

Yesterday, I hanged out by myself to go to Ambarukmo Plaza, purposed to watch a film, but none accompanied me (poor). Then I canceled that activity, I was walking around Amplaz. I wanted to play in timezone, I wanted to buy some couple clothes. But yes, I was in lonely time. I got into Gramedia book store, purposed to get a small light there. Once I got a cool moment, a stranger's baby (the albino one) smiled at me near 21 studio, what a fun, besides, my neighbors did (laughed at me -_-"). First, I read some books, like 'Bread for My Friends' and 'the world records' or synopsis of few books, I forget.

Noted that I have just finished reading The Espressologist then I found Tarot book, made me a little interested, but on how, I thought I have no time to study about tarot, maybe someday. At last I bought a vcd 'The Help'.

It told me that black people colonized by white people. Black people were a servant, I knew my servant last time. I like skeeter a little, because changed something is not easy as you think. When it get supports, you should grab it fast. But then Aibee got fired. Make me curious at last and I cried -_-".

further: The Help

but I realized that it should be any whisper, hope and so many else. From a short essay of 'Bread for My Friends' also told we live because there always any hope.

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