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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Suffered Lungs, Darker Skin Colour, and Carbon Trash Management.

14:20 a.m
Killing our earth, killing ourselves

Guys, good afternoon. It is so hot outside so I don't take a risk if I go out, my skin will be darker. Eh.. I used 'darker' for replace tan skin because my skin is so Indonesian. So Javanese truly. Talking about skin colour, remind me to my sociology teacher when I was SHS, she said that Indonesian skin is fair, not white, albino nor dark. But.. well I got a blackish formula for skin from my father's. Hahaa.. if you are a half albino say to me that you are Indo. We as Indonesian sometimes say a half foreign means Indo.

I forgot what I want to talk in this post.. ehmm.. wait.. what.. wait...yeah... about climate, forestry, global warming, etc. Guys, many things happen nowadays out of control. Maybe the celebration of environment day should be done. Maybe none of us really understands the day after earth day, maybe only the earth itself knows truly how it feels. Okey, it related to the skin, I realized that there's no sun then my skin would be brighter than this time. I got a skin like a zebra on my hands, leg, and neck. The most parts which are got the most sunlight seem so dark. When I finished drawing my hand by black tint, my friends said to me, "Your arm is dark, Ben." Yeah.. then I said, "The important is my picture is darker because it is black."

What I did was editing my photo being gray purposed the picture good looking.  Wanna see?

Sidu Graphic
By this entry, I want to increase our awareness to look at the trees. I am forest management but, when I should face to the society problem, I can't deny to think about our future cause the deforestation and degradation. I read newspaper mentioned that our forest attacked by so many problems and most of them degradation and deforestation, but I believe that to conserve all trees, we need land. Nowadays, the land is converted to non forest used. Caused that we need trees a lot to fulfill our daily needs, moreover if you are living in a tribe inside the forest, we as human need to use the forest and build new species purposed find fast growing trees to increase our economic side. Doing carbon trade as our effort to increase foreign economic exchange and cleaning world environment.

Then here we are..managed the use of trees, knowing how important it is. The news mentioned that Jakarta,our capital city has done competition of clean environment. But when I faced my city, Yogyakarta in the night, while felt the air, it was difficult to breathe, guys. I hate that because I canceled to get in lecture time in the night because the condition made me felt worse. So guys, hate to admit that our country like trash of carbon in International point of view. Measured that throwing gasses to Indonesia means we are the one who should planting the trees. Better, managed your daily needs before suffered inside carbon. E.g throw away the rubbish to the basket.

Although, I should face the reality that My father burns the rubbish next to my home every night and I got sick -_-"... well it caused the condition in my village, no trash holder which manages our trash.

Inspirated a lot by Kompas

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