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Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

A Moment with Mr. Choi

Guys! If I was that korean and stalked your twitter, written "I think to say 'saranghae' for korean is not as easy as to say 'Aku cinta kamu' for Indonesian", what did I do then.

Called him, Mr. Choi (his family name), our first met was in Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung. That time I was in holiday with my sister and my aunt's family. I watched him went upstairs to our place. I thought he's trying to get attention from us, actually left my sister, aunt and me. I looked at him while my aunt tried to close to him, I thought she knew that I interested to him. We took a picture together. And I asked him about his name and also from where he was. He answered by clearly translation in correct english of my aunt.

As the time went on, that korean followed us down stairs and got to the mud. But when I said 'mudblood', he's annoyed, my sister said, "Slod" directly, I didn't know what that meant, so I kept talking in Indonesian while tried to get the mud below the stone and under the hot water. Before we had a conversation, we just took photos, seemed Mr. Choi interested to us too. :-D >>> happy plus nerd face. Weird, he asked my sister and I about our age,
Mr. Choi : (showed his notebook) "Berapa umurmu?"
Me : (looked at his notes) "How old are you? Wait! You can speak indonesia?" then after I realized for a minute.
My aunt: "twenty"
Me : "Oh"
Mr. Choi: (asked to my sister) "Berapa umurmu?"
My sister: "seventeen"
Me: "Oh you are asking. Ok, I am asking."
My aunt: "He... "
Me: "Learnt."
Mr. Choi: "twenty four"
Tangkuban Perahu

Then my imagination began working, 'if he is 24 and I'm 20 it can be a couple.'  My heart busted, "Yeaay!". Faced the nervous came after and My uncle did normalize to me. For god sake, how jerk my mind. The korean wanted many pictures from us, my aunt and my uncle offered him to take photos together. Then, our first met completely full photos in Tangkuban Perahu. He promised us (my sister and I) to meet in Yogyakarta, after we got back and his travel brought him.

Yeay! We absolutely met again. But by the little bad feeling of me. We met at Mc Donald Malioboro, he bought us some food like burgers and potatoes. What a nice! He was nice. Noted me: I had prayed before to only say 'yes, no, okay'. It wouldn't. I talked too much. Even when he asked me about my major. And he gave enough explanation about his journey in asia. He is rich enough to make a travel around asia, yeah. Admit it.

The non sense thing, when he persuaded us to walk along malioboro purposed watch FKY (Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta), I had said to my heart in my imagination before, if he asked to walk, I would say, "You walk, I stay." The happen wasn't like that, I followed them (Mr.Choi and my sister) by grumpy because I had ska on my foot. He didn't know it. Along the road, I was walking by seeing both of them had a conversation. And I saw many souvenirs, he said that he looked for magnet souvenirs, seemed there's nothing like that. 

After arrived at Vredeburg (the festival location), it had already closed. You didn't know how it felt, Guys. I almost died that time. Looked for a piece of peace in sit. We continued to went back to his hotel. He asked us to see his hotel. Well.. Right after we almost arrived his hotel, I had screamed many times about how tired I was, we stopped at a cafe, I forget the name, it was in sosrowijayan.
Mr. Choi: "What? There was nothing when we walked."
Me: "Are you angry?"
Mr. Choi: "No."
Well.. At least, he didn't attack right in my hurt part. We took a photo then I just said a little regret because he confused with Indonesian. Then, we took a photo again together there. 

Sosrowijayan, Malioboro

I said, "Sayonara" for good bye. Well, I got no respond. We just had a toast together before My sister and I went home. 

My sister told my parent, she was happy to meet foreign. To me like blow my self to the bed, because I was really tired.
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