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Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Create cucumber!

Evening Sunset! This is how I meaning cucumber after had a talk with my family! A simple creation and I wonder you just like it to refresh your eyes! or.. giving you any idea to create something. :D Check it out!
The bowl man
Orange creation
A little beauty
A beauty
Actually it was inspired by my mother while cut the watermelon and before watched masterchef Indonesia and recently got accident with the experiment before I tried masking it and failed, then you know then, I made the better one :). Slice the cucumber first. Just like peel the cucumber rind and peel the pulp by thin, do it more than a half from right and left, meet in one area but don't be cut. Then make it spiral or just as your creation >> for the 'beauty'. And the bowl man, do it like make a hole in the end of the cucumber but slice it first. and fill it with kelengkeng (special fruit from Indonesia)then the kelengkeng rind as the blangkon (the hat) and the leave pieces for the eyes and nose or mouth (I made it inverted). Then it could decorate your home made food.
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