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Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

Kelly Clarkson of heavy weight to the top

Guys, very long time I've not been writing on this. And absolutely a half of rubbish things came out when I was in a mess. Like doing bumbling on the motorcycle, doing crunch on my medicine. If I sang a song it really could be like move on to other boy as fast as possible and I hated a little to stop my self in front of the grave yard, mentioning mojoayu.

The beauty of this graveyard is coloured with some trees that I know the most  are Tectona grandis and others is the street while stands a small shop consists of food and beverages. And L &G why I said 'I don't know' of those. It were so rubbish.

Continuing my entry, in Gale yesterday after I got back to my nature (lil modern) in Jogjakarta, I was searching a name, first the lyrics, and soon her real name... well it's known, Kelly Clarkson. Before I really knew who she was, I knew the song first , by recommendation of my elder class mate and the radio, so of course yah. It's Mr. Know It All..

The coolest lyric sounds like everybody has an experience to have many 'Mr' in their life , ya. Hhaha.. like many my posts, and like I did the same way as I was of my parts like being girl for boy. Gubrak. hihi please pompomping my heart -_-", I mean encouraging me like cheerleaders. Mentioning 'guys' of you, imagining like you are my boys and my fans. Actually I wanna say, "I miss you Guys, like been a long time for the rest of a month."

Others, I was searching her name in google, if it was looking a name of public figure, it didn't mean as stalks, my beloved readers. And she was Kelly Clarkson, L and G. (I found it's ok to write L & G, short term from Ladies and Gentlemen.) Kelly Clarkson was fat that time. But when I've known that she was a product from American Idol, then I was surprise,my sister told me while we watched Indonesian Idol (I didn't say who was the winner, ok? it means I am not branding them, oke I say, it's Regina, L&G) :D. I didn't watch further, :).

Kelly Clarkson born at 24 April 1982, 30 years from now to get back, Texas, America. Said they are indian but she is albino's. Begin her career as a singer since american Idol opened its first audition. And that time she was really fatter than I say before:

Than in a 'Dark Side' song, which expressed of the continuity of a relationship, asked to her couple to stay while accepting her 'worst'. It means like everyone knew the appointment in front of Father while doing wedding ceremony. Promise to keep and accept one another as their best and worst. And she begin to get thinner, like this:

I didn't expect she wore long skirt. hehe.. it's good for trousers.

And I don't know the songs next, but really worth it, ping. The last of her beauty physics, has so been seen, in this picture below:

Very scary.. the different ya.. but it's good for inspiring me to a little control my feed. Because, I've gained my weight till 4 or 3 kgs. 
And for your information, her tour for now just only for modern countries like in Australia, England, and Hollywood big cities. Not so famous like the among of best singers but, colourful enough to make us 'stronger' :).
Good Bye.. 

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