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Kamis, 09 Agustus 2012

58, not too old to wear a young shirt

Good Morning! My beloved blog, recently my stomach disturbed my self by not good condition. And did you know the reason? Because I ate fried noodle too much. And it's not only instant but also from a restaurant. For the sake of this I really hate a lot fried noodle, imagine that I should wake up in the 3 O'clock then went to the bathroom, and I wasn't fasting.

And Guys, what did happen till I went to the restaurant (did you know, from the beginning I had too much questions which should be answered just by me)? It was my father's birthday! 58th! How wonderful that was!

Actually, it were two days celebration, first, Ayam Geprek Angkringan, and second, Lie Djong. The first celebration was only our small family member it was just because I gave the  present earlier, exactly in 7th August. Then, yesterday, my sister gave a 'kelengkeng' tree and Monggo Chocolate for the present. I'm sorry I have no photo of those because I was in a hurry to give the presents, the same as my sissy. Seemed because too many 'kelengkeng' and it is going to be our first family tree in this new home, I think it's proper enough if I call us kelengkeng family! And me, I just gave a T-shirt and shampoo. I doubted that My father would use the shampoo. Haha..

Before we went to Lie Djong, My father shared JOGJA CHICKEN for our neighbours, and birthday presents came after like many cakes. Here are few photos while first and second celebration.

Angkringan Lombok Abang

Lie Djong

Happy always comes when it needed, Guys. Just be young!

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dunia kecil indi mengatakan...

happy birthday buat ayahmu,ya :))

aqua mengatakan...

thanks indii