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Jumat, 09 November 2012

Barack Obama and Jokowi

Now, I want to give my opinion about Barack Obama and Jokowi.
According to news that I've read mentioned that both of them almost the same. Maybe they are twin in some.

Barack Obama in America and Jokowi is in Indonesia. But they lead different region, different background countries.

Barack Obama leads USA and Jokowi leads Jakarta. Both of them are capital city of big countries and continent (world).

What makes it so special. Because news mentioned that money wasn't brought us to real leadership. So this is a trending topic in Indonesia. Obama and Jokowi seems so same in a few things. They didn't use money to gain votes.

Their background almost the same, they born in almost non-prestigious family. They were so usual persons at that time.

The inner beauty here. They growth from a solidarity. And they are liberal in religion. I mean they are tolerant. Obama and Jokowi close to the society that what makes them lovable in our communities.

Something break our sight in money. USA leads the donation of united nation and how Obama leads the USA to stay on top and manage the economic based for modern, develop,  and developing countries. I read the newspaper Kompas today, mentioned 'how does the president of USA manage the country leader?' And some of them mentioning the relation within economic site.

And Jokowi command and said to Jakarta's to grow the plants, and decrease the traffic. I just disapointed cause my friend tweet the news said Jokowi is Civil engineering alumni. Oh God it was so make me disappointed. Maybe he had it for master degree and Forestry in GMU isn't so popular. That's why so that so they underestimate forestry faculty. Admit it. But maybe his last education. Hahaha..

Compare that if Jokowi said to them He was from Civil engineering and Obama admit Indonesia. It is really not fair. But maybe someday, we will be the same if we see their result what their region will be. Admiring them.

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