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Minggu, 25 November 2012


What? Is that forest?

Yeah, I almost forget my job to finish my study in forestry. I think one of my friends was accurately right about posting Wanagama. On how I should meaning this forest.

Wanagama is short word from Wana and Gama (Gadjah Mada). It means the forest owned by Gajah Mada University. It located in Gunung Kidul. I do not know the historical side. But a little I know It didn't build by Patih Gajah Mada or something like Indonesian ancestor. 

Dina posted it from long-long ago about wanagama. There are placed to Gunung Kidul society for living. Firstly, it was only unknown land and no irrigation there. Because of the dry season and no water there, a few of lecturer Gajah Mada University build a forest named wanagama.

It consists of many plants but the pioneer usually Teak, Eucalyptus,melaleuca cajuputi and others. Wanagama became crowd as the growth of those trees.

Usually wanagama is a placed to study for Forestry student of GMU. It concluded to education forest. But it's not only containing forest also has homestay for living in. It rent to other university student which cooperate with Gajah Mada to study or doing experiment there. FYI, internationally accepted, include Korea, Germany student.

Gajad Mada cooperate with society to manage wanagama. So after participation formed, it get responsibility in managing that forest. 

Yesterday I went there for doing practicum and it was almost very nice if there's no rain. The rocks became so slippery when its wet. You can see a blue sky behind canopy if there was sunshine. Different with cloudy, the cloud close the sky and became gray white gradation. 

A piece surprise that usually the lecturer go there by their own car. Yesterday my lecturer went there by jeep and do you know its drove so rock so awesome!

So be there guys. You could get so many fresh air there except the water. The water is whitewash and it is not so delicious.



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