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Senin, 31 Desember 2012

2012, almost new Year!

Hi Guys, again, I come to this blog purpose to junk. Am I junk my self? Doesn't matter this is my blog I do whatever I like.

We are going to celebrate New Year this Monday, it's already the end of 2012 and we are going to go to 2013 by 12 O'clock.I'm 20 and going to 21, I am a half adult going to be an adult.The end of these year constantly great year by year, it will never great as your mind would think the same. Christmas to spend with family and go to church, hope we have a new self, reborn of King. And having a party, maybe a little party. Grab photos together. Chocolates, Coca Cola, alcohol, rusted chicken and presents. It's a happy ending for this year. Not least the new year itself. By the way, I'm single, I have none to date with. poor me. That's why I purpose to write a resume of my single day in 2012. In short form and quick letter. 

Cheers for 2012!

I got a high pressure and reboot my medicines. I still believed that I could handle those all. A treasurer, Head of Media Commission, IFSS Delegation, ARM committees. But then, I was sure  I should take a rest. I got very unbelievable scores on my portal A-E most of them were C.

I forgot to tell you I got new gadget in January, Samsung Ace. Good thing that my ability on writing got increase. I could get 95 viewers  for Begindang, and Margareth Thatcher as my confidence of coincidence. I did not sure if I could take a risk to purpose my self as a council in IFSS Turkey. My credits were only 18 from 21. I took a risk to pick them all. I followed KMMH event two days in Kaliurang for first introduction. I began to love Raditya Dika's talk show.

This was my Birthday. Somehow I was a little bit bias. I only paid for food some of Bonita's and did not for IFSA's, therefore, usually IFSA gives a surprise to whom they're celebrated. I did not hold a big party like in Hoka-Hoka Bento before. It was so poor. My sister cried too because I canceled our party in PELE. Others, I stopped from IFSS delegation in Turkey. That's what I did.  We had to move to our new house. My big aunt was angry with us. It was a pressure to me.

I began really mad. I quit from my job as ARM committee. I had a very high under pressure. I got two tablets per day. I felt I wasn't fair enough. I spared my time to Bonita and my best friend. Although with a little weird and guilty feeling because there was a third person. I knew that swimming in 7 meters depth so enjoyable. I love to swim. And I think that's the last I had my English course in ELTI.

I closed to a friend, Fahma. And visited her house. I came to ARM's Seminar with her.  A poor day because I should have a calm behavior there. I was having a little party with KMMH in its birthday. And I followed a practicum in a forest for three days. Lucky me I did not underestimate this practicum. I was sure I did not want my career in forestry just end up like that. I love to swim, and I got slim.

I don't know what boys think of. Someone closed to me, I rarely gave him messages. Example: "I think of you". I borrowed his master. What did he do? He held my hand in the middle Bonita's event and went on quickly after that.  -_______-" I got suffered, I swam after that alone. I got last exam and what did I do? I got sick while finished my exam and I got 21 credits lastly, I quit from my job as Head of Media Commission.

I sent him two massages and called him. Afraid if he needed his master back. I began confuse. I knew he didn't want me although I asked his friend too. But I cured it, I went to Jakarta - Bandung with my sister. Having a time with Choi Jaewon. For a week, although I was in productive. I was still a little confuse. I was not there at  all. Only a half of me left there. After went home, I swam a lot, and my weight went down.

Haha. My father's birthday! Happy to my family, fail surprise to him because I gave it in the right when they're talking to neighbors. I bought Chevy and Bugs in 22 august. They were little rabbits. I had a time with my SHS friends to teach about safety of natural disaster. What a cool reunion. But after that, I had never seen them anymore. That's my first driving car.

First day, I went to BALI with my college friends. I didn't actually sure at once. But then, I was enjoy the BALI beach. I played flying fish. It's fun.I got in my first lecture. I faced him again, and I asked his master. I got surprise because my writing text published in Indi's book. Guruku Berbulu dan Berekor

I thought I have moved on. Every boy I met was handsome in my eyes. And do you know? He was my Co Ass. nothing after that, I only had my time to work in my reports, and go anywhere I loved.

I got a broken heart. He left me with other woman. And there I was I should finish my four practicums. What a hell. Mostly got my times was silvicuture, I had to go to laboratory to flush my plants. Met the dog. and working on my reports. surprised to get the lowest score. Oh yeah. middle earth help me to do this. I went to wanagama for this practicum, seemed I repeated it again, talking to korean and explain how to do it. Actually it wasn't that satisfied when I realized  I had my friends with me. I forgot that I followed basketball competition, but actually the King was my friend. I got three scars and I was happy :D.

Responsibility exams after practicums, and I had many reports. It's not just it, It was also the assignment. Guess it. All of colleges chit on me. Hihi.. And miss Sugi said to all of us that none is better. all of them wrong caused chit chat. Haha. This was my happiness time. I had my christmas with my family. Visited Taman for a while and gave inkung. Visited my cousins and their Dogs. My cousin from Bandung came to my house. Well a little disappoint I had no long talk with my cousins from Bandung. LOL. I  liked Ajeng. She was so funny. 

12 months can't explain the whole of Happy I was to walk in memories. I will move on.

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