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'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
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Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

Boys often like it.

Now is 5:54 a.m and I'm waiting for 5:55 a.m
I'm going to say I miss you.

Hey Guys, just a few moment I did not share my whole mind and diaries to you!do you miss me? Yes!It's 5:55 a.m and I miss you! Right when I typed it.

I go forward so lot after, you know. But then I confuse is that so only this? I met many boys, example in a basketball court, then spend time to team work in the faculty, and the last I met in wedding party. 

  1. It's easy to know, they are interesting enough to me. Even though I acted like a coach in basketball court that time. I love to play basketball in Timezone but then seemed I realize I was too old to play that again because when I saw my score it's only end in level 2 score 60 while my rival (a girl who was wearing hot pants) reached 109 in the level 1 went on to the next level. And that time in basketball court, ehm.. first I played, I was being captain in three on three, I failed to entrance the ball to the ring, then it changed by my friends, and continued till the last battle. The last play, I really mad on. then I scream and I fell and I scream and created a cool basket ball with three scars -_________-. Ehm he saw me. He asked him self  "where is my cloth? " When the first he opened his shirt in front of me. Seemed so weird but. He cool at the moment he dribble the ball, and lay up , got the ball in. First I saw him. Then I have never seen him anymore. Because it end when I chose to practicum than played on three on three basketball.
  2. I don't know what team work it was. Because a problem came when I knew my friends made the presentation slide. While I should face my other friend made it too. Then I followed the group that consisted the more number of member. Although I had to be angry to both of them because it's really like I was the one blamed. But maybe that's the factor I got a high score. It's a present. a price. I just felt it, the same like I felt before to him. But now it seems the same too.
  3. Wedding party before christmas. It was raining out side. And my mother and I still believed on the food in the wedding party. The wedding party belonged to catholic and christian. The bride and the groom were beauty and handsome. Lie of course. more handsome the guy that my mother told me. Yeah I spent time to eat, and move from one dishes to others. Ice cream, empal gentong, and sate. Made me crazy on food, it tasted delicious. But then my mother told me about him. He was her friend's son. I felt thirsty then I took a glass of tea after he took a coca cola like I was before. and he returned the glass of coca cola near to me. I felt nervous, I drank my hot tea and it tasted hot, I said "Oh my God, Hot!" Guess what ? He smiled . hihihi.. so handsome! After that I went on my mom. He walked toward me. I walked avoid him as fast as I could and I stood up near the door almost went home. When I looked for him, I found a pair of eyes looked at me, we are one in a moment. I should go home. And left something in that building. After I went home, I hated because my mom told me he was third grade of SHS. what a jerk!
It was a guilty and a briefly story about a story of Boys. hope you enjoy my end of 2012. By the way, Happy New Year!

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