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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Minggu, 15 Desember 2013

aku bingung nih deadlinenya banyak tapi aku maleeeeeeeeeeeeees banget..

Sabtu, 09 November 2013

ER for life

Really hot actually, I'm in a living room. 
12:35 p.m

"I'm tired..."

I passed my mid test. But I just curious to government, institutions and society. 
Maybe political factors had explained very clearly the relation between them. Maybe some sides had talked too much about our three musketeers. 

Skate holder is the better name tag for them. First, I think the forestry study didn't discuss political manners, or even economic factors. First time I came in to this faculty I was so innocent, so nerd, so like 'she doesn't know anything'. I bought many books but it were not included to forestry. I try to not attend to my study and move to other things that seemed proper to me as a girl.

Well, someone told me that in past forestry faculty consisted of more number of men and less number of women.

Yeah the era has changed the population growth of women got increase and Kartini has announced to do not underestimate woman. I think a little right because man still far stronger from average of woman power. 

Like ability to do some works. 

Well yeah return to the first paragraph. For the case of forestry box. The crash here is in a cooperation.

We as human, have built many groups from our own. We grouped our self to the which one was our self interest. Smaller box called competition made. We got support from our group, nor a ridiculous from others. Something like policy made to give bound to moves.When we play on court there's actors , policy and the most important lose or win.

That's why the labels for it called competition and our era is  competition era, competition means war but with peace and purpose to cooperation last. It's politics. Play on court like we are being judged . After we win the competition, news share it and we are famous. Our grade increase and we can monopoly the field. It's like trading our own.

Yeah the trading it self made from cooperation . And the competition could be win because the strategy. So by this short mumble We can say the relation is like the boss and the officer. the queen and the society. Just like that. We will never hear our voice out there if we just keep our mouth. 

The point is democration about to speak

Who do grant the speech? the action. -_________- It's just all related.. We decide. for power for freedom to relax to enjoy.

Never know the freedom for love or to live.

Minggu, 03 November 2013

My hair ... wavy and looks bad in this style

No reason to cut my hair... and I went to I think it's 'MAMIK SALON' special for rebonding and smoothing. but I asked to cut and washed my hair but the capster added the treatment to clamp my hair..

after my hair got back to usual, it's curly so I clamp my hair by my own but it's not as good as the saloon did. My hair is wavy and looks so bad in my head.

I should say thanks to God for the hair given.. but difficult to treat.

Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

My Step mother's birthday

Actually we have no celebration till 19:09 wib at 29th Oct 2013.. We have a plan, but don't know when will be done.

By The way the picture above is a present for my mom.. ahahahahahahahhahhahaha She has her birthday today!!! yeaay.. HOPE the best for everything. yeaaayy!

Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013



Animal is still animal, they are animals 

My blog is no longer exist in cyber world by the way, it makes me free to write whatever in my mind.. although I curious to my dad, looked like he had something I don't know yet.

and Why was that I wrote a statement above?
I think my pets especially my bunnies have known that their region is only a wide this house. but they are animals, at night they moved around this village to look for some fresh air. recently I knew I was waken up from my sleep.

And my dad was really excited while told the story of lost rabbits -_-"
Okay, I am going to get mid term and last night an  event held in forestry faculty, even though I followed up the request, I didn't come. eng.. because I feel I had no friend with me. like 'wherever I am, I am always alone'.

 but my bunnies found already.

 but I lied. my friends were everywhere, They went out from classes with me and they entranced the class with me. stop there. 

If my hell mid term is worse than I thought before.. it won't be a matter.

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

daybusy.. kretek kretek

How happy are you?

I find a thing that is self awareness and I realized this practicum is containing of finding self identity. If my sister told me she got  soft skill lesson. maybe this practicum like a character building too.

Long time I have not written a simple arrangement essay. Well yeah.. many things happened these last days. But I don't think for so many times. It were just rubbish. 

Well yeah.. 

Why am I using it? For a little holiday like Eid Ada, I had picnic to some places and I bought so many books. Many books I have read and I forget to read my lecture books. I think some friends have thought it before. prefer to read other books .

I really don't know what I am going to write. 

"These tasks are killing me inside" from my liver to my brain from my heart to my mind.

I think it was really interesting to write status and doing some fun, I think all of my pets agree to me.
  • First, we did some vacation to the beach and it were local beach
  • Second, we did feeding and be an office boy 'girl' for our pets.
  • Third, playing with pets
  • Fourth, uploading pets photos
  • Fifth, uploading other photos
  • Sixth, refresh handphone and upgrade
  • seventh, online
  • Eighth, shopping
  • ninth, grooming pets
  • tenth, DO YOUR TASKS!

and I drown up over hills

I didn't suggest you to do the same because it were unnecessary actually . it were unimportant...
Just a little meditation maybe cooling you down.

Like this rainy season... prepare your rain coat Guys! or umbrellaaaaaaa!

Sabtu, 21 September 2013

Lecturers! shout out...

Hoaaaahmm I have just waken up this morning..
Good Morning!

It feels fresh in this cold morning. Well.. I am blogging this morning to inform you some movement. But tomorrow I get quiz and I can't stop thinking of it this whole week. And if tomorrow I get worst score.. It doesn't matter, I only think not study.. o.O

I forget what I am going to write actually.. but a little fascinating know that my cousins still care hahahaha.. I met many lecturers in my lecture time..

Some of them really encourage myself to gain knowledge. But when I went to bookstores no book provided what I wanted so.. I got weak.. haha

too many 'haha' in this entry.. I consider ..

My lecturer discussed on something weird till something really interesting. I don't know but when I had my mind back I wanted to borrow my lecturer's brain for a while..

You know Jimmy Neutron. or einstein for easier, they saved their knowledge in a brain in unlimited entry data.

But they were not lecturer. They didn't share their method to gain their outstanding thinking. How to do case building. They built their case alone and finished it alone.. hahaha (again)

But the more interesting, lecturers share some tips to get your normal life back. I think I get normal these last days.. although really weird for others. Maybe many people say that teacher is different to lecturer. Maybe but I think when I sit and listen, according to me they have the same character. almost the same. the different is lecturer teach in college. But teacher and lecturer are teachers and they teach us. We just need to listen and learning. 

maybe intelligent, maybe smart

no doubt. 

Sabtu, 07 September 2013

Vac to MERAPI MUSEUM and ULEN SENTALU MUSEUM. give my rights back

Once again who said a woman can't traveling alone? We can do everything we want, Agnes Monica said don't make a wall to your goal, even if there's a wall like people say you can't do that, prove that you can do that.

Don't make people underestimate you...

Actually I don't know whether I was stupid, brave, or doing unimportant thing, I had just thought I do what I like. It means good.

My Dad went to Wonosari yesterday, My sister did registration in campus, My mom went to work, and I.. felt stingy in my house. So I decided to go somewhere and told my Dad, I would go home before Mom arrived home from office.
Yeaaahh.. I really did that, I felt disturbing if I asked my friends go with me, and I didn't know who wanted to go with me, every I write status to ask them, no one answer yes or no, I looked like invisible. That's what I felt..

11 o'clock I had no food fulfill my stomach but I directly went to Kaliurang, First plans, I had 3 destination: beach, mountain, and museum . And I thought very very long time I didn't go to mountain. I did that... But something disturbed my own, I forget the way... I chose the simple one, went to merapi.. Planning to get some nice pictures of landscape. But there was cloudy, the mountain closed by cloud.. no clean sky. That's why I drove my self to other destination near Mountain actually volcano.. I chose museum.

From a straight road turn to the left from the south and I found Merapi Museum price only 3000 rupiahs for domestic to get in. I entranced the museum and when the guide asked to accompany me I refused and went along by my self. Well I didn't know that it was free charge. So, when the second tourists came and accompanied by the guide I felt so eeeeeehhhh.. dong. dong.. "oh like that, that's why they laughed at me?!"

I took photos and according my report I got that the smoke from year to year exploding are different form. like mushroom, like a cone, like unclear... And there were many photos, things, meter tools, and anything else. Consisted of two floors, and many interesting doors. Seemed like in gamezone, many lamps, and good lightning.

After felt a rather bored, I got fast went outside and continued my lonely journey, and when I went out... eng.. I saw jeeps and I asked to security for the price, it called 'lava tour for members of group' and one jeep costs 300 thousands rupiahs. I said, " I only bring a hundred thousands rupiahs, hhehehehe." SOOOO,  I should pay for parking, motorcycle got two thousands.

I asked the way to go to ULEN SENTALU MUSEUM, and I followed the direction . And landed safely in Ulen Sentalu while asked many persons. There had been a witness of many my friends' love #jerkme. Nothing but really interesting place to visit, No take photo there means no permission to take picture.Well I should waiting for other visitors to be guided by a person. And the people who be with me were from Jakarta, well, firstly I didn't want they be with me along the way, but because of the guide asked me to wait.. yah I must waited. They were a family consisted of mother, father, two sons and a daughter. They were a complete family. The one that bold man, or hairless talked much than I thought before, well I was interested enough with his questions, by the way one more girl, I thought the youngest, coloring her hair with red and purple. Crazy, and I thought she acted along the way, but yes they were all fat. But the father had no arm.. It means he has  arm but only one, the other I didn't know what had happened to him. They looked like my elder uncle's family. Somehow I missed him. Well he already passed away.

The guide told the every things mean. And the painting of a girl that dancing in traditional dance, and the one else the most beauty princess was Gusti Nurul. The guide began explain the history of the kings and queens of Yogyakarta. It began from a family and separated into 4 kingdoms in 4 regions. They were actually remained me to my ancestors. She told us that they were using dutch language that time, the same as my grandma and grandpa. The Sri sultan hamengkubuwono 9th was the highest educated student that time in yogyakarta, he studied in holland and had a holiday in europe too. Well the most interesting were letters to princess Tineke. Many letters written in dutch and translated in english, indonesia, and japan. It was so wow.

The else, I really liked Gusti Nurul, because from her photos she was really beautiful, she promised herself to married to whom was not doing poligamy. It was so good. Because the Yogyakarta Hadiningrat was belonged to Mataram Islam, there were many rules that conclude to the history of Java.

Firstly, the guide asked me to follow the foreign people, because they use english and I was tired to translate them in my mind so, I chose indonesian guide.

Well I only took photos outside and uploaded it in instagram.

By the way, I thought that the people who were with me that time, knew me from my blog.

I spent much money, almost a hundred thousands rupiahs, so I stopped at fuel pom and got money from ATM, and knowing my money was only four hundred thousands rupiahs left.

I got down town at 2 p.m and having lunch in my home region. :) so yeaaaah so yeaaah.. I hated the guy with his friends outside the ulen sentalu museum, they seemed laugh at me. Well I scared too if my motorcycle got broken.

Rabu, 04 September 2013

PACITAN.... merambah sosial masyarakat tepi JAWA TIMUR

9:34 p.m
aku nungguin adekku pulang ospek.
dan habis nonton 100 hari keliling Indonesia

by the way 2 hari yang lalu aku udah ngajuin proposal ke ortu untuk ke bengkulu/ palangkaraya/ pontianak/ jayapura/ thailand/ singapura..

kalau sama bapak ke luar negeri sendirian dibolehin, kalau sama ibu *UANGMU!

Gara-gara nonton 100 hari keliling Indonesia dan itu di Sumatera waktu si hostnya naik truk di depan deket dasbor... keinget waktu aku sama bul sama bapak naik angkot di pacitan. 

Tadinya mau sewa mobil, tapi duit tipis, mau sewa motor kelamaan nunggunya, alhasil dari penginapan kami di Teleng Ria atau Talang Ria itu kami jalan ke ujung jalan dan nemu angkot yang bisa nganterin kami ke pantai seberang. Iming-iming ortuku cuma mau lihat pasar ikan di situ. Akhirnya kami naik angkot yang cuma kami bertiga penumpangnya, Bul sama aku duduk depan, dan Bapak duduk di atas coral.

Penambangan coral ternyata marak di sana, walau dinas pariwisata jelas di ujung jalan, PANTAI TEMPERAN kalau nggak salah sih namanya. Dari situ liat-liat ikan perahu, kapal, dan ikan yang diperdagangkan secara langsung. Tadinya aku pingin banget pari, berhubung bapak nggak suka makanya kami nggak jadi beli, ikan-ikan dibeli pada hari terakhir kami di situ tapi cuma orang tuaku yang mau balik pakai motor ke sana.

Perjalanan dari pantai pertama temperan lanjut ke watu karung dengan angkot juga. Tapi nih angkot juga aneh lah pokoknya, mau-maunya aja nganterin kami padahal jelas rugi, well.. orang tuaku bayar lebih sih. Tapi alhasil aku mabok angkot. Sampai pantainya aja aku nggak bawa kamera, langsung ambil dari kamera hp karena dadakan dan kabur dari yang punya hotel.

Tadinya acara kami pergi mau sekeluarga ke malang atau bali, tapi adekku traveling sendirian ke bromo, ijen, baluran, jadi kami nggak mau melangkah lebih jauh dari dia. Dengan syarat bertubi-tubi dan syarat utama cuma 1,5 juta aja budget yang disediain bul karena aku juga ikut liburan. Jadi.. mengirit sebisa mungkin adalah kesebelan utamaku.

Kesebelan kedua, aku tahu anak yang punya hotel barusan lulus sarjana dan lagi nglamar kerja di pertamina, aku juga tahu kalau dia ngajak karaokean bareng, itu juga diberitahu bapakku, tapi sih... aku sebel kenapa dia anaknyaaaaaa... oke suaranya bagus.. tapi aku gilo terus terang..

Kami pake travel ke sana, nggak tau gimana caranya ibu dapet ide pake travel yang tempat duduknya warna-warni.. tapi kayaknya itu pertama kali aku pake travel. Aku yang pingin nginep  deket pantai biar bisa bolak-balik pantai, tapi apa daya pembatasan dana, walau cuma 5000 tiket masuk tapi itu di cegah mlulu sama bul.

Eh malah borong oleh-oleh yang sangat non-sense. Ikan semua diborong dan dibagikan ke tetangga-tetangga. Itu sih bagusnya, aku juga nyontoh deh.. itu sih sukanya ada yang dibagikan. nggak cuma buat aku tapi buat yang lain juga.

Kami hari sebelum terakhir ngabisin malam di pasar, motor dicarter harga 50 ribu, sampai di pasar aku bahkan cuma makan bakso dan nggak makan ala-ala jawa timuran. Entah apa yang dimakan bapak sama bul. Tapi sih karena cuaca bagus, jadi aku lumayan suka di sana. 

Aku sama bul juga ngabisin waktu di alun-alun pacitan, alun-alunnya luas ada lapangan berumput, air mancur sama pedagang makanan di malam hari, serta deket masjid pacitan. 

Yang banyak interaksi sama penduduk ya orang tuaku, maklum anak jadi nggak boleh nglancangin orang tua, buru-buru nglancangin, susah pakai bahasa jawa krama. Orang jawa mending pakai bahasa indonesia daripada bahasa ngoko.

Yah segitu aja sih cerita perjalanan ke PACITANku, nggak ada yang nggak nyenengin kalau kita jalan-jalan Mungkin berkesan lebih tepat.


So this is my new performance... well chevy seems fully this blog.. maybe bigger desktop better looking..

nothing change.. and nothing happen..just remarkable

and I am really happy, what problem later.. I am going to face it! I AM HAPPY :) Because.. I get all what I need in my life this time.. I am happy because I thankful for everything He has given to me ..

even though I don't know what that was.. I am proud.. and I'm really proud.. 

okay enough.. that I suggest you to read newspaper this time, many information, and really enhance my spirit to walk over.. although I get problem on my instagram, I don't know what is it wrong with my photos. 

And I suggest you to go to Shopping near Taman Pintar, because lots of books.. even second.. it were worthy.. although I did not read.. but interesting to be collected.

I don't go anywhere this time... I prepare for something... :).. and excite.. well.. 
my title isn't so booming. I want to describe my self for a little, but the most, every I see my face.. I get stress for a while, and how thankful I am, because even though I am single, but I like my face.. for me my face is good looking enough.. HAHAAHAHA NARCISSISM..

I hate my round head, hate my curved nose, hate my beauty spot, hate my large forehead, hate my melancholy eyes, hate my eyebrows, hate my straight eyelash, hate my acne, hate my irregular teeth.. but.. when it become one.. I think I deserve to smile... I like my face.. 

next time if I get a job of describing, maybe an arranged essay will be better :).. 

Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013


1:04 p.m
Daughtry-Tennessee Line

whuuups.. ah.. 
I think I have an idea to write something on you. was just because yesterday I got trapped to a writing world. I should write a short story.. not really, a mini story, wkwk..
But I thought it was really bad.. I didn't like it .. too sad for my happy life.

although I am single.

I will read your notes as soon as possible but now I am going to write mine.
Yeah I admit I have done my long last General Practicum, I changed the title to Ndong-Ndong General Practicum. What I did there have been forgotten easily as the time goes by.. hihihi.. Not really, parts of it. It's now just like move on.. changing, and then it will change from day by day. 

I gained very dark skin and very pale face after got home at first. Shocked, I could arrive at home safely. A month of between I was sure to walk on and finish my study. Everyday I could say to my self, "I can go home now." No limitation of doing unnecessary things after I realized I really got sleep more than 12 p.m!

I was backing up my soft file like.. ehmm.. I think my good side hiding somewhere and go out at unexpected time. I got inspiration from a sentence before that unexpected moment comes from usual life.. usual life captured as unexpected story if it meant to be.

Many feelings but not yet shown. hihihi.. like this hates that , that likes this, but maybe other groups feel it too. or maybe only my group. I think if persons read my notes will say,"How dare you clearly write about it!"

But I only want to share to my blog that not all were bad like you thought. Although when I was there I counted days, I wondered I was already home, I told my self the days almost over and what we need to do just finish it. And I tell it now like tomorrow I will not spend my time to measure the trees length and doing on my reports again.

But I blew it up like experience of course, field experience hehehhe.. arranged schedule and fast respond from every student. It looked like I was in the field yet we were in field and I think it was forest. 

I got rest for a while at home, first kasongan for few days and moved to solo, spent time to go to mall and these are more like unnecessary things. Oh yeah I got hamster, I found cloth and a brand tank top in my board, I played basketball at game zone and got my record, I bought a FURLA bag only 75 thousand using my ATM, bought comics, celebrated my Father's birthday.

"No but........."

"But it were only change my loss time for a while. I enjoy at my room and be here at these two days, actually for graving my disappoint."

I think you miss a little for information from me yeaaa? Someday I will write review, or not my activities.. I will but I DON'T KNOW WHEN I am only trying to focus.

applause for my own!

Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

Ndong ndong general practicum

Tau nggak sih ini pukul 6:19 WIB dan waktu Bantul..

Aku barusan aja, sekitar 3 hari yang lalu menghabiskan waktu 1 bulan di Getas... ikut praktikum umum pengelolaan hutan lestari.

Selama sebulan di sana aku ngapain aja..yaaaaa.. gueh nggak tauuuhh gueeeh magabut asliii..

Banyak yang aneh tapi ternyata aku tahu sebabnya di akhir. pokoknya banyak yang seru dan banyak yang nyebelin, banyak juga yang biasa aja.

We stayed for 10 days in Getas campuss then moved for 10 days in RPH PLumbon.. back to campuss at the end. We spent 30 active days for this practicum and well :D

I almost wanted to kill my self at first too many reports and activities to do, slept less than 1 a.m was seldom be got . after that, I got my usual, it was not bad, and it was fun. I felt it.. after a month already. I knew that I learnt so many things.

I learnt to adaptation, sweeping room, washing both dishes and clothes, javanese language, made a dish...

I got dejavu sometimes, like I returned to my habit 5 years ago.. when I was in Senior High School..
But I don't know I am happy now.. a little miss a thing. but the things has done.

very appreciate to: gesang, eren, shelly, aik, udin, pandu, and prisma... my roommates both room 7  or 8: yunita, winda, ami, mbak vina, agung, rintan, and iga, memey, yola, ayu... Thanks to be closer to me..:D

nggak kalian-kalian iya kita-kita...

Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

peace of my head

hi!begin curious too many deadline pissed off my head. I am just wondering if you're not serious to your jobs you might loose it any way..

so... be serious to what you do, maybe stay focus.

I don't know I have stopped but people don't make me really stop, I have quit, people don't make me really quit.

like I have decided to stop writing on you but.. my heart doesn't let me keep my bubbles in my head alone.

and maybe someday we will meet again when I am 50

maybe 70

maybe 100
 yes can be..

with old face and forgetful mind..

maybe that day I will not remember that 1+1 is equal to 2

Senin, 17 Juni 2013


sorry, technically problems.. because of the date.. the account keeps working. thanks to my sister :)

Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013

I can't open my site on the internet through my netbook

Sorry for lately post. Because I had several problems about my study. But God didn't let me stop hoping so I can live till now.
Last time I had recreation again with my complete family after took care some business, first, we did not buy car, because there was no plenty room for parking. So we did buy a piece land for parking, to buy the car.. Ehm.. Let we see.
I got so excite so I only could laugh at my practicum. Even it was just practicum, notice. I haven't followed some events which were held these last time. Like signed for committee and many event organizer hehe.. I don't know maybe now it is not so balance.
Please guys we need to be calm sometimes. I know that screaming is not a solution. Relax and keep it walking. Want review something but I haven't seen any possibility to do that through handphone. After these, maybe more problems come forward but we know, you can.
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Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013


uhm.. ah..huatching...

aku bingung nih openingnya gimana, lama banget nggak ngeblog... dan.. rasanya itu semua yang dulu pingin kutulis dan kutahan itu.... sekarang lupa.

Aku banyak banget waktu di rumah. Setelah hiruk pikuk 2 semester kemarin.Vitri bilang kamu update tuh harus ada alasannya... tapi dulu dia ngetwit "alasan" yang artinya nggak boleh ada alasan. Freeze aja sih.. beku.. 

Baru-baru ini adikku ngabisin liburan di Jatim dengan dendam membalas liburan ku ke 'sumpah aku nggak mikir kalau itu jauh banget dan aku sendiri- Malaysia'. 

tapi yang aku suka itu kutipan we never traveled alone... alone doesn't mean lonely. 

tapi dia liburan ke Bromo- Ijen-Baluran, aku sama orang tua menghabiskan hari di tepi pantai- PACITAN. It felt like aku ada di buku Lima Sekawan karangan enid blyton.. Georgina, Anne, Dick, lupa yang dua lagi kayaknya Fred sama lupa...

aku mikir deh ya sebenernya kalau sesuatu ada maknanya mungkin juga ketika aku mengutarakannya nilai makna itu berkurang bagi aku. btw banyak postingan yang aku hapus  karena aku ngrasa aja jadi bahan gunjingan di fakultas, aku nggak tau alasannya apa, apa karena aku berhenti dari organisasi, nggak sesering dulu ada di kampus, apa karena aku kurusan dan jerawatan, apa karena aku posting di blog tentang curhat mobil, apa karena aku skizofrenia, apa karena aku update status yang menyinggung banyak pihak yang dekat dengan aku, apa karena aku memutuskan untuk beku, aku nggak tau sih... tapi yang jelas aku juga ngrasa tetanggaku aneh, orang tuaku aneh, temen aneh... dan kadang mereka posting di dunia maya yang saat itu berhubungan dengan aku, reaksi yang aneh... everything seems weird ... aduh gitulah pokoknya..

btw aku nulis lagi udah dengan gaya yang biasa aja.. tapi yang dulu juga biasa jadi gimana dong. kalau bener sih mereka aneh karena aku juga aneh. pokoknya aku cuma mau lulus s1 aja deh.. pingin yang lain sih iya juga... tapi semua kan nggak bisa didapat sak deg sak nyek..

aku cuma pingin nulis itu aja.. di blog ini...nggak ada alasan ... kalau everything happens for a reason.. every reason a cause of  happen deh.kadang nggak perlu alasan kan...

Minggu, 24 Februari 2013


Sebentar, saya memberitahu anda bahwa saya sudah sadar dari alam bawah sadar. Obat saya dosis setengah dua hari sekali, maaf bila anda terganggu dengan saya bilang yang macam-macam. seperti disadap, ngomong sendiri, pikiran disiarkan, selama ini. saya sedang penyembuhan.

Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Malaysia #5 Malaysia Ala Backpacker

Bayangkan kita hanya berdiam diri di rumah tidak melakukan apapun. Entah kata orang bahwa kita bisa menahan keinginan atau apa, tetapi pastinya diri kita haus akan hiburan dan aktivitas yang membuat kita segar kembali. Salah satu aktivitas yang paling diminati oleh kalangan muda adalah berwisata. Bahkan berwisata punya bermacam-macam cara, yaitu, rekreasi, paket tour, bahkan ada travelling, sampai backpacking. Para remaja sampai pemuda saat ini terpengaruh oleh berbagai media yang mulai mempopulerkan aktivitas travelling dengan backpacking.
Backpacking adalah traveling berbiaya terbatas dan menuju internasional traveling. Tetapi untuk orang-orang disalah artikan dengan dalam negeri sendiri. Walaupun tak beda jauh yaitu menggunakan biaya terbatas.
Salah satu backpacking yang diminati oleh orang Indonesia adalah ke Malaysia, selain berbiaya terjangkau, tidak terlalu jauh dari negeri sendiri.  Meski juga banyak yang meremehkan berpergian internasional hanya ke Malaysia selain bahasa yang digunakan tidak jauh berbeda dari bahasa Indonesia, kurang menantang karena orang-orang dalam rupa yang hampir sama.
Mengapa Malaysia menjadi menarik di mata saya? Malaysia terbilang negara yang cukup aman, transportasi yang terlihat memadai, penginapan yang banyak ditawarkan dengan biaya cukup murah, bahkan buku yang saya baca mereferensikan Malaysia sebagai pilihan yang bagus.
Untuk melakukan backpacking dengan biaya murah, turis dari Indonesia biasa berpergian menggunakan maskapai penerbangan air asia dan mendarat di LCCT, Low Cost Carrier Terminal. Tidak sedikit yang meremehkan bandara ini, tetapi pelayanan di sini tetap terjamin, nyatanya masih banyak penerbangan tepat waktu yang saya temui disini, kehilangan barang bawaan juga minim.
Rencana berpergian sebaiknya disusun minimal 2 bulan sebelumnya, cari-cari tiket promo yang ada, bisa jadi 1 juta pulang balik Malaysia – Indonesia,bahkan mungkin bisa lebih rendah dari harga tersebut. Dengan modal 3 juta sudah bisa jalan-jalan dan berbelanja barang bermerek internasional di Malaysia. Pandai-pandai mengambil kesempatan dan tepat waktu dijamin dapat memuaskan liburan anda.  Penginapan di Malaysia didapat dengan mudah bila anda sudah sampai di Kuala Lumpur, apalagi daerah China Town atau Bukit Bintang, banyak hostel, lodge, sampai guest house dengan biaya murah. Dengan 25 ringgit anda sudah mendapatkan single room, dengan fasilitas wi fi, kipas angin dan makan pagi, bahkan untuk dormitory hanya diperlukan 17 ringgit saja. Pelayanan yang diberikan ramah dan bersahabat. Bahkan bila barang ditinggal selama 2 hari di penginapan pun masih tetap aman.
Akses transportasi di kuala lumpur bisa dijangkau dengan mudah ke berbagai tempat wisata, bahkan dari LCCT ada bis milik maskapai penerbangan berbiaya 8-9 ringgit untuk ke kota Kuala Lumpur. Dari Kota raya, ada metro 79 untuk ke Petronas Twin Tower KLCC berbiaya rata-rata 1,3 ringgit. Bahkan ada bis tanpa dipungut biaya, atau gratis yaitu GO KL untuk berwisata di dalam kota Kuala Lumpur. Kereta monorail juga patut dicoba, dari KL Sentral bisa menuju KLIA dengan komuter. Bahkan ada LRT untuk menuju Petronas Twin Tower dari Bukit Nanas, kereta bawah tanah ini berbiaya 1,2 ringgit. Dengan 1,2 atau 1,3 ringgit , kita akan mendapat koin yang digunakan untuk keluar masuk kereta.
Untuk masuk Petronas  Twin Tower berbiaya 50 ringgit di dalamnya terdapat ruang Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. Bila hanya ingin melihat-lihat kita dapat menikmatinya dari Suria Mall KLCC . Mall besar di kuala lumpur, berisi barang-barang brand luar yang tidak kita dapati di Indonesia dan tanpa biaya masuk.
Dari Kota Raya, belakang Central Market (PASAR SENI) pakai Rapid KL dengan biaya sebesar 2 ringgit akan membawa anda ke Batu Caves, tempat ibadah umat hindu terutama komunitas India, tempat ini juga banyak diminati oleh para traveler. Batu Caves biasanya penuh pada saat hari raya umat hindu seperti Thaipusam. Patung tebesar yang berdiri di situ bernama Patung Murugan dan sangat terkenal di Malaysia.
Mengunjungi KL Tower atau Menara Kuala Lumpur yang menjadi ikon kota ini juga patut dipertimbangkan, Untuk naik menara tersebut dapat menggunakan bus khusus, tetapi kalau anda tidak sabar untuk menunggu datangnya bus tersebut anda bisa jalan kaki melalui tangga, ups.. ada peringatan bahwa kamera pengintai siap memperhatikan anda.
Daerah lain yang bisa dikunjungi dalam tempo 5 hari adalah Penang dan Melaka. Sayang saya hanya sempat ke Penang. Transportasi termurah yang bisa digunakan adalah bis dari Puduraya sebesar 32 ringgit untuk second class seat. Bis second class tetap nyaman digunakan karena ber-AC dan tempat duduk bisa di ubah sesuai keinginan kita. Pilihan bisa berhenti di Butterworth ataupun Pulau Pinang. Butterworth merupakan terminal bis di Penang Sentral. Untuk mencapai pulau Pinang kita bisa memakai Kapal Feri dengan biaya  menyeberang sebesar 1 ringgit. Pemandangan air di Pulau Pinang juga menggoda untuk dinikmati. Selain itu, kalau melalui jalan darat, ada jembatan yang menghubungkan Pulau Pinang dan Butterworth yang merupakan jembatan terpanjang se-Asean, Untuk mencapai tempat wisata seperti Komtar, Batu Feringhi beach bisa menggunakan city hop on bus atau rapid penang.  Penduduk Pulau Pinang terdiri dari umat Cina, India dan Melayu sendiri, tetapi kebanyakan penduduk Cina. Bila melihat lebih dalam banyak juga orang Indonesia berada di sana, memang prihatin bila kita sudah mengetahui banyak berita tentang TKI yang berada di Malaysia, kebanyakan bekerja sebagai buruh. Tetapi kata orang di sini adalah kota surga, di mana makanan enak dan wisata yang menakjubkan tersedia.
Bila tidak jadi ke Melaka untuk menikmati Eye on Malaysia, kita bisa saja menggantinya dengan Lake Gardens, di mana dulu Eye on Malaysia berlokasi sebelum di pindah ke Melaka. Lake Gardens berisi taman-taman, di antaranya taman bermain, taman rusa dan kancil, boat house, taman burung (bird park), butterfly park, bahkan Plaza Tugu Negara. Jangan sampai tertipu taksi yang tidak menggunakan argometer. Untuk informasi, taksi di Kuala Lumpur suka-suka sendiri mematok harga tidak berargometer dan bisa melonjak harganya bila malam hari.
Makanan lokal di Malaysia yang dijual di rumah makan sederhana seharga 3.5 ringgit. Untuk es teh, 1,5 ringgit dan teh di sini adalah teh dicampur susu atau teh tarik, maka pesanlah teh tanpa susu bila hanya ingin menikmati es teh Indonesia. Bila tidak pintar memilih tempat makan biaya makan bisa mencapai 6-13 ringgit untuk sekali makan di sini.
Perjalanan di sekitar China Town atau penginapan dapat dilakukan karena Dataran Merdeka penuh dengan bangunan pemerintah yang patut diacungi jempol. Di mana berdiri juga museum city gallery yang tidak memungut biaya, berisi foto-foto dan diorama kota Kuala Lumpur. Tempat yang bagus untuk berfoto.
Bila pulang tak membawa souvenir pastilah orang rumah marah, pergilah ke Pasar Seni atau Central Market, baju-baju bertuliskan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia banyak dijual dengan biaya rata-rata 10 ringgit. Bahkan coklat buatan Malaysia, kartu pos dari kayu, lukisan dan perhiasan-perhiasan murah banyak ditemukan juga disini. Katsuri Walk dekat dengan Central Market, juga menyediakan pasar malam untuk souvenir. Apalagi china town jalan Petaling, banyak anda jumpai baju dan sepatu bermerek walau merek KW-an dan berbiaya murah.
Itulah mengapa saya iri terhadap Malaysia, sektor transportasi yang tertata dapat menjadi contoh bagi kota-kota besar di Indonesia, toleransi beragama yang tinggi dan sedikit berita perang antar umat beragama. Mengapa Indonesia tidak seperti itu, Yogyakarta sajalah dulu mencontoh, dengan cara menggunakan sarana transportasi umum dengan sebaik-baiknya dan menjaga kebersihan.
Boleh lah backpacking sekitar kota, bahkan banyak buku yang beredar sudah mengatur jadwal travelling kita bukan? Beranilah untuk mencoba dunia luar. Temuilah orang-orang dan berpetualanglah. Tapi pesan saya, tetaplah berperilaku baik di negeri orang seperti kita melakukannya di negeri sendiri. Mungkin tempat yang kita tuju bukan rumah, tetapi sisi lain dari rumah kita.

 NB: Tulisan ini diposting karena tidak dimuat di satupun surat kabar.

Parang Tritis


I spend too much time thinking about myself, better doing something unnecessary than doing nothing. So I got along to the journey with Bonita, went to Ganjuran and Parang Tritis beach.

I was just wondering, I got a very nice landscape view. Doesn't need to go to very far away places to get some nice pictures.Something called togetherness break it.
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Kebun Binatang Gembiraloka

Kemarin aku pergi ke Gembiraloka, tujuanku nggak banyak, cuma iri aja kakak sepupuku foto panda di negeri orang. Gue.. pingin liat binatang tapi nggak tau jalan di Malaysia. Jadi.. aku putuskan untuk pergi ke kebun binatang. Tadinya kalau beneran temen-temen SD ku mau, aku ajak ke Gembiraloka. Tapi berhubung minat dan jurusan kita beda, maka dari itu aku sendirian yang ke Gembiraloka.

Udah lama sebenernya selain Prambanan, banyak objek wisata yang mau aku kunjungi, cuma sempat atau enggak. Dan banyak lain soal, baru kesampaian sekarang.

Yang paling berkesan dari gembiraloka, hewan-hewannya nggak semblenyek yang media ceritakan. Mereka cakep kok. Contohnya harimau atau macan putih di atas. Mereka juga cukup makan.

Asal tahu aja, banyak banget cewek yang ke sini, kalau cowok itu mah sama ceweknya juga. Aku sendiri sebenernya pingin difotoin, tapi entah cewek-cewek tuh gimana, ada kesempatan aku bisa foto bareng orang utan, antri panjang sama cewek-cewek lain. Pertanda sudah aku iri sama cewek-cewek yang bertebaran di sepanjang Gembiraloka.

Aku surprise sama Wallaby di sini, ternyata mereka kayak kangguru, walau aku nggak nemu kangguru. Wallaby itu merek tas, dan ternyata ada wujud makhluknya juga. Dan lagi ada macan putih, kaget juga nemu ini, aku kira ingatanku waktu kecil, macan putih adanya di ragunan, Kebun binatang Jakarta, eh di sini ternyata.

Tiket masuk Kebun Binatang Gembiraloka 15000, tapi di dalam banyak wahana bersama binatang, dari 10000 sampai 20000. Aku kasihan kalau yang ini, kalau sekadar dilihat dan dikasih makan, oke-oke aja, tapi ya nggak gitu juga sih, mereka menyenangkan.

Ada pertunjukan atraksi hewan pada jam-jam tertentu, kebetulan aku nonton, tapi aku kasihan setelah lihat hasil fotoku. Beruangnya nampak kelaperan, berbeda dengan lisang nglonjak-nglonjak nggak keruan hahhaa.

Hmm.. kalian kalau mau lihat binatang ke Gembiraloka deh, walau sampai sekarang aku heran banyak banget taksi berlogo gembiraloka. Pekerja di Gembiraloka kebanyakan juga cowok. :)

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Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Malaysia #3

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Malaysia #2

Pinang is other story of mine even though Phillip couldn't be got Hahaha.. I have told you I need 7 hours to go from kuala lumpur to Penang, and 4 hours from Penang to Kuala lumpur. I have written a status after I returned to China Town. "Nothing from Penang, it's only a memory of city of lights in that one night. For Chinese, moslem, India, even only a taxi driver." They said I was pretty, beautiful and I should admitted I'm christian. They had a rather dissatisfaction because of my answer. But after that, I went to my guest house, took a shower and slept. My dream brought me to malaysia, the same as where I was. about India, that guy with blonde hair, foreign, chinese. when I woke up, I knew I wasn't home, I was in other part of my home, and only alone. I felt so home sick, but I still woke up and went outside for sight seeing. Took  photos, cross the street, The traffic also good there. And I stopped at Pasarama, have eaten Mc Donald, and the price only 3 ringgits, means 9000 rupiahs, different to Indonesia 15000. By the way, junk food is cheaper than local food. 

The rain came, I should stop my journey that day and I went to guest house while bought mr bean, discount 5 ringgits, and I slept again for 8 hours after having chat with my family and friends in Indonesia.

The fourth day came, I have planned before to go to Eye on malaysia. But something wrong happened. I went to PEJABAT POS BESAR for sending post card while an Indian followed me, and asked me to go to his hotel, he said he wanted to be my friend, and followed me along the way. I stopped and I said ," why do you follow me Sir. Thanks.I can do it by myself." I took taxi and purposed to go to Lake Gardens Eye on malaysia. I have downloaded before and something like Malacca mentioned. There's my fault, 20 ringgits stopped at PLAZA TUGU NEGARA, while the taxi driver turned me around. And inside we had a battle about Malacca and eye on Malaysia. So confusing. I got down in Plaza Tugu Negara, asked for the direction to go to Lake Gardens, without mentioned eye on Malaysia. And I went around that place. So tired but really calmed down. slow. Many children there in TAMAN HIBURAN, and others TAMAN. There's no eye on Malaysia. that heritage was in Malacca.

I didn't take taxi so I only walked out of TAMAN and did walk along the streets while watching completely insane map (Because I couldn't read that.) But I arrived at DATARAN NEGARA, The center of Kuala Lumpur government department took many photos, entranced the kuala lumpur art gallery, and bought some souvenirs. I walked along Malaysian heritage walk and arrived at central market, bought chocolate and clothes :D. It was a calm time. But once again. the seller forgot to count so I should pay more. 

After that I returned to china town ate clams and beef, drink ice tea without milk means no teh tarik yeaaaa.. I went to guest house and had a chat, browsed, uploaded photos. I should go home the next day. I miss my hometown. I miss chevy and bugs. But in 1 p.m I felt I should buy Birdy cd's, yeaaah.. I went to central market waiting for bus, asked many persons, ones said metro 79, other said purple line GO KL free charge. I used GO KL theeeeeen.. I arrived at Bukit Bintang, after that used GO KL Green Line, arrived at PASAR SENI. Ohh God wrong bus. Because of that... I only walked around china town then buy some books in book store.

The day five. at 7 o'clock I took a bath, had some break fast on fourth floor and met the guys in dormitory room. they slept without clothes, just underwear. How come?And I packed, and went outside, looked for taxi, because I didn't want to get lost anymore. And I should pay 90 ringgits for.... taxiiii. -_________-" In airport writing some notes, blogging, eating in Mc D, buy many chocolates. saw a thief. I went home already by plane. Had a safe flight. I realized I saw many lakes, sea, forests, including cultivated land. 

Some how, I miss being there. Had some paradise view. especially PENANG, paradise city. unfinished story.

Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Malaysia #1

It was such a long way to go, far distance and far destination place. Here I am, LCCT airport, Malaysia. I'd like to tell you that I had never been going abroad before. This is my first time. Now, I am going to go back to Yogyakarta. Waiting is the most boring part, but, I'll make it fun (try), I have a flight by air asia on 3 p.m. and now still 9:57 a.m. What shall I do? nothing. ehm.. of course opening my site and writing.

There are so many experiences I had here, but most of them very unclear. I seldom sleep well here, except after came back to kuala lumpur from Penang. Oh God! I didn't sleep at all in Penang, I slept only 1 hour and it was in the bus. Penang was the most dark experience I got from this trip. I had backpacking activities. So, there's no plan to use a tour guide in my plan.

I'll tell you from day by day. 
First day departing, I had a friend with me, her name is Anggit, He purposed to go to Penang by plane, and had a transit first in LCCT sepang. I met her first time in adi sucipto airport, yogyakarta. And we had arranged seat. I'm 24 A and she 24 C, and none sat on 24 B. hahaha. We took photos together, but she came with her father , and I was alone (I am alone).

Arrived at LCCT, I took a bus to go to kuala lumpur. Its price 9 ringgit and it was expensive, there was aero bus which was cheaper. The immigration took a time and it went on well. At Pasar SENI, (the bus stop) I took teksi (taxi) to go to china town purposed look for PLAMMERS guest house in KATSURI WALK. I failed. I knew katsuri walk in the third day. Then I pay around 30 ringgits to china town. The taxi driver said its named Petaling. I went inside and realized it was a market. The end of the road on the left side I found Oasis Guest House, I stayed there by 25 ringgits per night for single room by fan. Went outside, and had a dinner, only 8 ringgits for fried rice. The waitress from Medan. How? -____-" They spoke Malay, I don't understand what they said. So I began to use english. Actually I rent a room by english too. Got back to guest house and slept.

Second day, the war began. ahahahaha. I planned to go to some places in first day and continued to go to Penang at the night. Put on my feet on the street in early morning, I found a Gay. He said his name was Oben. but usually people said Ben. It was my name, I said it first, He asked where I stayed and my citizen. That gay wanted to sell his jackets, I trusted him at first, He said he wanted to go with me. I made sure I was alright and followed him where he'd gone.He was almost fighting because he offered 50 ringgits for his jacket but the seller only offered 30 ringgits for two jackets. Yeah.. Oben said his jacket was 300 euro and from europe. He said he came from north Africa. How come? He said many things, include make  a money, and go to swimming pool after we finished our problem. He didn't sell hi jackets. He only said, his jackets were heavy and he wanted to sell it, I didn't know whether he was honest or not. But I said, " I can go by my self. Thankyou." He want to go to internet. I said I wanted to go for breakfast and I left him. I had my breakfast too early actually, at 7 o'clock and it was still a little dark.

I went to Petronas Twin Tower  KLCC by taxi, it spent 10 ringgits from puduraya bus station. But I went there too early, then I thought I can take the bus and go to bukit bintang, I was interested to a shuttle bus there, and I used GO KL. I asked to the local, how to go to KL Tower, and I just walked. At KL Tower, I took photos, and bought some souvenirs, example post card and KL Tower replica. I wanted to send it but I didn't even remember my guest house address. So I couldn't send it from there. Paid 57 ringgits for adult to entrance the KL Tower was too expensive, so I went to bukit bintang again, and took a bus to...... I forgot. the happen was, I took a train, Komuter to Bukit Nanas 1 ringgits 30 sen to bukit nanas, and took LRT 1 ringgits 20 sen to go to KLCC. Arrived at KLCC, asking many people and arrived to 4th floor Rock Corner to buy Les Miserables soundtrack, cerremonials florence and the machine. I didn't buy birdy because the price could be more than 100 ringgits. it means 300000 rupiahs. -___-"

I took a metro bus to central market for 1 ringgit, and 2 ringgits to Rapid KL to go to Batu Caves, Lucky me, there was THAIPUSAM (India event) So I met many india's in batu caves and the bus waited there. I didn't go upstairs it would take a long time, and tired, because according to book it has 272 stairs -_______-" I went back to puduraya bus station by Rapid KL and having lunch at the same hotel like the one's morning before.  Directly went to Penang after finish having lunch. 

It was 31 ringgits to go by bus, and I had prepared before, my clothes to go there. It took 7 hours to go to Butterworth. I confused at first why there were Pulau Pinang and butterworth, but I took butter worth because it wasn't out of malaysia island. But changing scene said to me that I should go to penjaja sementara to have a drink for a while, ais teh. Before arriving, I should change bus, and it wasn't really clear because one of the passengers think I was an unclear person. I was just a lost girl. -____-" hihihihihi. In food store I bought ice tea and asked for information after I took a bath in the bus station toilet. I just knew that the recreation objects were in pulau pinang. bwhahaahahaha. and I took a feri ship to cross the sea. The waiter said the ships were only operating from 6 a.m to midnight. I crossed the sea, cost 1, 30 ringgits. I saw a chinese, handsome chinese. But the happened, I only stayed at the harbor (shuttle bus), bwahahaha. I said to the first taxi driver that I wanted to save my money so I didn't rent any hotel, the second taxi driver asked me already, the third one lifted me to kentucky KFC for free. He said his ex was from indonesia, flores, and she was tki but ilegal. The fourth taxi driver said all were closed because of thaipusam. -_____-" I went back to Butterworth recently. But I met a handsome guy there, we had no talk, I only had a little converstation with his sisters. what? they went to thailand.I only remembered him at night, his name was phillip (if I didn't wrong).I waited for 2 hours to get 7 o'clock for the bus. and I came back to KL. without any non sense argument. I was waiting while had a conversation with a bus ticket seller, he talked about moslem, he have ever been in a jail, drunk, worked. anything else? I forget.

the next... wait me in the next part

Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Candi Prambanan: Prambanan Temple


I don't actually so sure what I have done. I had studied hard (in cafe while watching the river flew) then I had C for my score. It so eeeeeeeeeh. But today I should take care for my motor to made the parking license in my university. I went home after finish, ate some food, then thought that I had to move somewhere today, because it didn't rain. I took the opportunity and went to Prambanan temple. It's not like you thought. Many persons were in my house and they fixed the terrace. I was boring and I had no money to pay them. It used to be my parents job.

It took 1 hour minus got lost. From my home, bantul to south ring road, Then followed the way and the direction clue. But better you go there by trans jogja it was easier and only spend 3000 rupiahs.
To entrance spend 30 thousands rupiahs /person for domestic tourist, different to foreign. You would get a World Heritage card for prambanan. The first entrance there is a gazebo and provides a sheath for each person, you shall wear it. a long way to reach prambanan waiting for you. Ups.. it's not. the garden spoiled my eyes. And it felt not too long.

If there's a tour guide maybe I can ask something, but.. There's nothing, just security. I only took many photos there. and I wanted to explain some. Prambanan temple was formed by Bandung Bondowoso who promised to Roro Jonggrang to make a thousand temples before the cock shout. But the appointment wasn't done. The temples were only 999. Bandung Bondowoso promised because he wanted to marry Roro Jonggrang. And I thought it's only a few that can seen there. The else have already broken.

Prambanan belongs to Hinduism. They admitted God there. There are around 3 Gods. Brahma, Wisnu, Siwa, I think. They are formed as scluptures. If you thought that Julia Perez would marry iff Gaston made a mosque. It was the same as Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang story. But then there are more temples there, example Candi Sewu and many more. I forget.

Prambanan temple has a moseum too.I think usually Ramayana dance performed there. I have never watched it till this time. Haha. It was told the old story. :) By the way the beverages inside museum were too expensive. Nu Green Tea at 7000, I was thirsty that time so I didn't mind it. Here are some photos to convince you! Enjoy!

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