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Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Malaysia #3

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Malaysia #2

Pinang is other story of mine even though Phillip couldn't be got Hahaha.. I have told you I need 7 hours to go from kuala lumpur to Penang, and 4 hours from Penang to Kuala lumpur. I have written a status after I returned to China Town. "Nothing from Penang, it's only a memory of city of lights in that one night. For Chinese, moslem, India, even only a taxi driver." They said I was pretty, beautiful and I should admitted I'm christian. They had a rather dissatisfaction because of my answer. But after that, I went to my guest house, took a shower and slept. My dream brought me to malaysia, the same as where I was. about India, that guy with blonde hair, foreign, chinese. when I woke up, I knew I wasn't home, I was in other part of my home, and only alone. I felt so home sick, but I still woke up and went outside for sight seeing. Took  photos, cross the street, The traffic also good there. And I stopped at Pasarama, have eaten Mc Donald, and the price only 3 ringgits, means 9000 rupiahs, different to Indonesia 15000. By the way, junk food is cheaper than local food. 

The rain came, I should stop my journey that day and I went to guest house while bought mr bean, discount 5 ringgits, and I slept again for 8 hours after having chat with my family and friends in Indonesia.

The fourth day came, I have planned before to go to Eye on malaysia. But something wrong happened. I went to PEJABAT POS BESAR for sending post card while an Indian followed me, and asked me to go to his hotel, he said he wanted to be my friend, and followed me along the way. I stopped and I said ," why do you follow me Sir. Thanks.I can do it by myself." I took taxi and purposed to go to Lake Gardens Eye on malaysia. I have downloaded before and something like Malacca mentioned. There's my fault, 20 ringgits stopped at PLAZA TUGU NEGARA, while the taxi driver turned me around. And inside we had a battle about Malacca and eye on Malaysia. So confusing. I got down in Plaza Tugu Negara, asked for the direction to go to Lake Gardens, without mentioned eye on Malaysia. And I went around that place. So tired but really calmed down. slow. Many children there in TAMAN HIBURAN, and others TAMAN. There's no eye on Malaysia. that heritage was in Malacca.

I didn't take taxi so I only walked out of TAMAN and did walk along the streets while watching completely insane map (Because I couldn't read that.) But I arrived at DATARAN NEGARA, The center of Kuala Lumpur government department took many photos, entranced the kuala lumpur art gallery, and bought some souvenirs. I walked along Malaysian heritage walk and arrived at central market, bought chocolate and clothes :D. It was a calm time. But once again. the seller forgot to count so I should pay more. 

After that I returned to china town ate clams and beef, drink ice tea without milk means no teh tarik yeaaaa.. I went to guest house and had a chat, browsed, uploaded photos. I should go home the next day. I miss my hometown. I miss chevy and bugs. But in 1 p.m I felt I should buy Birdy cd's, yeaaah.. I went to central market waiting for bus, asked many persons, ones said metro 79, other said purple line GO KL free charge. I used GO KL theeeeeen.. I arrived at Bukit Bintang, after that used GO KL Green Line, arrived at PASAR SENI. Ohh God wrong bus. Because of that... I only walked around china town then buy some books in book store.

The day five. at 7 o'clock I took a bath, had some break fast on fourth floor and met the guys in dormitory room. they slept without clothes, just underwear. How come?And I packed, and went outside, looked for taxi, because I didn't want to get lost anymore. And I should pay 90 ringgits for.... taxiiii. -_________-" In airport writing some notes, blogging, eating in Mc D, buy many chocolates. saw a thief. I went home already by plane. Had a safe flight. I realized I saw many lakes, sea, forests, including cultivated land. 

Some how, I miss being there. Had some paradise view. especially PENANG, paradise city. unfinished story.

Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Malaysia #1

It was such a long way to go, far distance and far destination place. Here I am, LCCT airport, Malaysia. I'd like to tell you that I had never been going abroad before. This is my first time. Now, I am going to go back to Yogyakarta. Waiting is the most boring part, but, I'll make it fun (try), I have a flight by air asia on 3 p.m. and now still 9:57 a.m. What shall I do? nothing. ehm.. of course opening my site and writing.

There are so many experiences I had here, but most of them very unclear. I seldom sleep well here, except after came back to kuala lumpur from Penang. Oh God! I didn't sleep at all in Penang, I slept only 1 hour and it was in the bus. Penang was the most dark experience I got from this trip. I had backpacking activities. So, there's no plan to use a tour guide in my plan.

I'll tell you from day by day. 
First day departing, I had a friend with me, her name is Anggit, He purposed to go to Penang by plane, and had a transit first in LCCT sepang. I met her first time in adi sucipto airport, yogyakarta. And we had arranged seat. I'm 24 A and she 24 C, and none sat on 24 B. hahaha. We took photos together, but she came with her father , and I was alone (I am alone).

Arrived at LCCT, I took a bus to go to kuala lumpur. Its price 9 ringgit and it was expensive, there was aero bus which was cheaper. The immigration took a time and it went on well. At Pasar SENI, (the bus stop) I took teksi (taxi) to go to china town purposed look for PLAMMERS guest house in KATSURI WALK. I failed. I knew katsuri walk in the third day. Then I pay around 30 ringgits to china town. The taxi driver said its named Petaling. I went inside and realized it was a market. The end of the road on the left side I found Oasis Guest House, I stayed there by 25 ringgits per night for single room by fan. Went outside, and had a dinner, only 8 ringgits for fried rice. The waitress from Medan. How? -____-" They spoke Malay, I don't understand what they said. So I began to use english. Actually I rent a room by english too. Got back to guest house and slept.

Second day, the war began. ahahahaha. I planned to go to some places in first day and continued to go to Penang at the night. Put on my feet on the street in early morning, I found a Gay. He said his name was Oben. but usually people said Ben. It was my name, I said it first, He asked where I stayed and my citizen. That gay wanted to sell his jackets, I trusted him at first, He said he wanted to go with me. I made sure I was alright and followed him where he'd gone.He was almost fighting because he offered 50 ringgits for his jacket but the seller only offered 30 ringgits for two jackets. Yeah.. Oben said his jacket was 300 euro and from europe. He said he came from north Africa. How come? He said many things, include make  a money, and go to swimming pool after we finished our problem. He didn't sell hi jackets. He only said, his jackets were heavy and he wanted to sell it, I didn't know whether he was honest or not. But I said, " I can go by my self. Thankyou." He want to go to internet. I said I wanted to go for breakfast and I left him. I had my breakfast too early actually, at 7 o'clock and it was still a little dark.

I went to Petronas Twin Tower  KLCC by taxi, it spent 10 ringgits from puduraya bus station. But I went there too early, then I thought I can take the bus and go to bukit bintang, I was interested to a shuttle bus there, and I used GO KL. I asked to the local, how to go to KL Tower, and I just walked. At KL Tower, I took photos, and bought some souvenirs, example post card and KL Tower replica. I wanted to send it but I didn't even remember my guest house address. So I couldn't send it from there. Paid 57 ringgits for adult to entrance the KL Tower was too expensive, so I went to bukit bintang again, and took a bus to...... I forgot. the happen was, I took a train, Komuter to Bukit Nanas 1 ringgits 30 sen to bukit nanas, and took LRT 1 ringgits 20 sen to go to KLCC. Arrived at KLCC, asking many people and arrived to 4th floor Rock Corner to buy Les Miserables soundtrack, cerremonials florence and the machine. I didn't buy birdy because the price could be more than 100 ringgits. it means 300000 rupiahs. -___-"

I took a metro bus to central market for 1 ringgit, and 2 ringgits to Rapid KL to go to Batu Caves, Lucky me, there was THAIPUSAM (India event) So I met many india's in batu caves and the bus waited there. I didn't go upstairs it would take a long time, and tired, because according to book it has 272 stairs -_______-" I went back to puduraya bus station by Rapid KL and having lunch at the same hotel like the one's morning before.  Directly went to Penang after finish having lunch. 

It was 31 ringgits to go by bus, and I had prepared before, my clothes to go there. It took 7 hours to go to Butterworth. I confused at first why there were Pulau Pinang and butterworth, but I took butter worth because it wasn't out of malaysia island. But changing scene said to me that I should go to penjaja sementara to have a drink for a while, ais teh. Before arriving, I should change bus, and it wasn't really clear because one of the passengers think I was an unclear person. I was just a lost girl. -____-" hihihihihi. In food store I bought ice tea and asked for information after I took a bath in the bus station toilet. I just knew that the recreation objects were in pulau pinang. bwhahaahahaha. and I took a feri ship to cross the sea. The waiter said the ships were only operating from 6 a.m to midnight. I crossed the sea, cost 1, 30 ringgits. I saw a chinese, handsome chinese. But the happened, I only stayed at the harbor (shuttle bus), bwahahaha. I said to the first taxi driver that I wanted to save my money so I didn't rent any hotel, the second taxi driver asked me already, the third one lifted me to kentucky KFC for free. He said his ex was from indonesia, flores, and she was tki but ilegal. The fourth taxi driver said all were closed because of thaipusam. -_____-" I went back to Butterworth recently. But I met a handsome guy there, we had no talk, I only had a little converstation with his sisters. what? they went to thailand.I only remembered him at night, his name was phillip (if I didn't wrong).I waited for 2 hours to get 7 o'clock for the bus. and I came back to KL. without any non sense argument. I was waiting while had a conversation with a bus ticket seller, he talked about moslem, he have ever been in a jail, drunk, worked. anything else? I forget.

the next... wait me in the next part

Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Candi Prambanan: Prambanan Temple


I don't actually so sure what I have done. I had studied hard (in cafe while watching the river flew) then I had C for my score. It so eeeeeeeeeh. But today I should take care for my motor to made the parking license in my university. I went home after finish, ate some food, then thought that I had to move somewhere today, because it didn't rain. I took the opportunity and went to Prambanan temple. It's not like you thought. Many persons were in my house and they fixed the terrace. I was boring and I had no money to pay them. It used to be my parents job.

It took 1 hour minus got lost. From my home, bantul to south ring road, Then followed the way and the direction clue. But better you go there by trans jogja it was easier and only spend 3000 rupiahs.
To entrance spend 30 thousands rupiahs /person for domestic tourist, different to foreign. You would get a World Heritage card for prambanan. The first entrance there is a gazebo and provides a sheath for each person, you shall wear it. a long way to reach prambanan waiting for you. Ups.. it's not. the garden spoiled my eyes. And it felt not too long.

If there's a tour guide maybe I can ask something, but.. There's nothing, just security. I only took many photos there. and I wanted to explain some. Prambanan temple was formed by Bandung Bondowoso who promised to Roro Jonggrang to make a thousand temples before the cock shout. But the appointment wasn't done. The temples were only 999. Bandung Bondowoso promised because he wanted to marry Roro Jonggrang. And I thought it's only a few that can seen there. The else have already broken.

Prambanan belongs to Hinduism. They admitted God there. There are around 3 Gods. Brahma, Wisnu, Siwa, I think. They are formed as scluptures. If you thought that Julia Perez would marry iff Gaston made a mosque. It was the same as Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang story. But then there are more temples there, example Candi Sewu and many more. I forget.

Prambanan temple has a moseum too.I think usually Ramayana dance performed there. I have never watched it till this time. Haha. It was told the old story. :) By the way the beverages inside museum were too expensive. Nu Green Tea at 7000, I was thirsty that time so I didn't mind it. Here are some photos to convince you! Enjoy!

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Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

Ganjuran. Berkah Dalam Candi Jawa

Tadi pagi setelah saya berdiskusi tentang KKN saya semester depan, saya berpikir untuk apa membawa-bawa kamera saya. Memutar otak selagi berbincang tentang jenis mangrove yang akan di tanam di lokasi KKN dan bagaimana bekerjasama dengan BATAN, saya memutuskan untuk pergi ke sesuatu tempat setelah UAS yang saya lalui.

Tempat untuk bersyukur adalah pilihan saya. Saya beragama Katolik dan tidak malu untuk mengakui itu. Karena itu yang saya miliki. Saya menstarter motor sepulang dari KPFT UGM menuju rumah kasongan. Eh.. setelah saya bertanya pada pekerja yang sedang menyelesaikan bangunan kamar adik saya, "Bapak dan Ibu ke mana?". Salah satu bilang," Nggak tau, tadi pergi lagi'e." Walaupun dengan sedikit lapar, saya benar-benar pergi lagi dengan motor ke selatan yaitu ke arah kabupaten Bantul. Lurus terus sampai saya menemukan plat yang bertuliskan Gereja Ganjuran dekat SMA Stelladuce Bantul. Menuju ke timur melewati pohon-pohon cemara yang berjajar dan pematang sawah. terasa sejuk dan melegakan, seperti mempersiapkan diri untuk menemui rumah Tuhan.

Disitulah saya, Gereja Ganjuran hanya dengan retribusi parkir sukarela saja saya bisa masuk. Untuk menghormati Gereja ini saya memberi 1000 rupiah untuk parkir. Maklum saya kere karena habis belanja barang kebutuhan. 

Saya terkesan dengan selain arsitektur candi Jawanya tetapi juga pohon yang ada di sana. Konon sewaktu saya kecil lantai masih berupa tanah dan banyak ulatnya tapi sekarang tertata dengan konblok serta bangunan-bangunan tambahan seperti gereja joglo dan joglo-joglo tambahan.

Saya tidak masuk ke dalam candi tadi, karena antrian yang banyak selagi panas karena menunggu antrian. Tradisi di sini untuk membasuh kaki dan tangan, berkumur maupun meminum air suci dari keran-keran yang disediakan sebelum mengucap doa di dalam candi. Sayang, saya menggunakan kesempatan itu cukup dengan membasuh tangan dan kaki serta meminum air sucinya saja. Kegiatan Gereja Ganjuran toh juga berjalan seperti Gereja-Gereja lainnya, mengadakan misa dan pengakuan dosa. Kursi dan tikar masih disediakan yang ingin berdoa di luar candi. Gamelan masih berada di pinggir candi. Lilin-lilin masih menyala selama doa ada di sana. Berbicara dengan Tuhan seindah nyala lilin di gereja Ganjuran, seindah bersyukur karena candi itu masih berdiri kokoh ketika terjadi gempa yang menimpa jogja dan sekitarnya pada tahun 2007. 

Nikmatilah segalanya dengan rasa syukur selama masih bisa berbicara dengan Tuhan dengan hati atau apapun itu.
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