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Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Candi Prambanan: Prambanan Temple


I don't actually so sure what I have done. I had studied hard (in cafe while watching the river flew) then I had C for my score. It so eeeeeeeeeh. But today I should take care for my motor to made the parking license in my university. I went home after finish, ate some food, then thought that I had to move somewhere today, because it didn't rain. I took the opportunity and went to Prambanan temple. It's not like you thought. Many persons were in my house and they fixed the terrace. I was boring and I had no money to pay them. It used to be my parents job.

It took 1 hour minus got lost. From my home, bantul to south ring road, Then followed the way and the direction clue. But better you go there by trans jogja it was easier and only spend 3000 rupiahs.
To entrance spend 30 thousands rupiahs /person for domestic tourist, different to foreign. You would get a World Heritage card for prambanan. The first entrance there is a gazebo and provides a sheath for each person, you shall wear it. a long way to reach prambanan waiting for you. Ups.. it's not. the garden spoiled my eyes. And it felt not too long.

If there's a tour guide maybe I can ask something, but.. There's nothing, just security. I only took many photos there. and I wanted to explain some. Prambanan temple was formed by Bandung Bondowoso who promised to Roro Jonggrang to make a thousand temples before the cock shout. But the appointment wasn't done. The temples were only 999. Bandung Bondowoso promised because he wanted to marry Roro Jonggrang. And I thought it's only a few that can seen there. The else have already broken.

Prambanan belongs to Hinduism. They admitted God there. There are around 3 Gods. Brahma, Wisnu, Siwa, I think. They are formed as scluptures. If you thought that Julia Perez would marry iff Gaston made a mosque. It was the same as Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang story. But then there are more temples there, example Candi Sewu and many more. I forget.

Prambanan temple has a moseum too.I think usually Ramayana dance performed there. I have never watched it till this time. Haha. It was told the old story. :) By the way the beverages inside museum were too expensive. Nu Green Tea at 7000, I was thirsty that time so I didn't mind it. Here are some photos to convince you! Enjoy!

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