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Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Malaysia #2

Pinang is other story of mine even though Phillip couldn't be got Hahaha.. I have told you I need 7 hours to go from kuala lumpur to Penang, and 4 hours from Penang to Kuala lumpur. I have written a status after I returned to China Town. "Nothing from Penang, it's only a memory of city of lights in that one night. For Chinese, moslem, India, even only a taxi driver." They said I was pretty, beautiful and I should admitted I'm christian. They had a rather dissatisfaction because of my answer. But after that, I went to my guest house, took a shower and slept. My dream brought me to malaysia, the same as where I was. about India, that guy with blonde hair, foreign, chinese. when I woke up, I knew I wasn't home, I was in other part of my home, and only alone. I felt so home sick, but I still woke up and went outside for sight seeing. Took  photos, cross the street, The traffic also good there. And I stopped at Pasarama, have eaten Mc Donald, and the price only 3 ringgits, means 9000 rupiahs, different to Indonesia 15000. By the way, junk food is cheaper than local food. 

The rain came, I should stop my journey that day and I went to guest house while bought mr bean, discount 5 ringgits, and I slept again for 8 hours after having chat with my family and friends in Indonesia.

The fourth day came, I have planned before to go to Eye on malaysia. But something wrong happened. I went to PEJABAT POS BESAR for sending post card while an Indian followed me, and asked me to go to his hotel, he said he wanted to be my friend, and followed me along the way. I stopped and I said ," why do you follow me Sir. Thanks.I can do it by myself." I took taxi and purposed to go to Lake Gardens Eye on malaysia. I have downloaded before and something like Malacca mentioned. There's my fault, 20 ringgits stopped at PLAZA TUGU NEGARA, while the taxi driver turned me around. And inside we had a battle about Malacca and eye on Malaysia. So confusing. I got down in Plaza Tugu Negara, asked for the direction to go to Lake Gardens, without mentioned eye on Malaysia. And I went around that place. So tired but really calmed down. slow. Many children there in TAMAN HIBURAN, and others TAMAN. There's no eye on Malaysia. that heritage was in Malacca.

I didn't take taxi so I only walked out of TAMAN and did walk along the streets while watching completely insane map (Because I couldn't read that.) But I arrived at DATARAN NEGARA, The center of Kuala Lumpur government department took many photos, entranced the kuala lumpur art gallery, and bought some souvenirs. I walked along Malaysian heritage walk and arrived at central market, bought chocolate and clothes :D. It was a calm time. But once again. the seller forgot to count so I should pay more. 

After that I returned to china town ate clams and beef, drink ice tea without milk means no teh tarik yeaaaa.. I went to guest house and had a chat, browsed, uploaded photos. I should go home the next day. I miss my hometown. I miss chevy and bugs. But in 1 p.m I felt I should buy Birdy cd's, yeaaah.. I went to central market waiting for bus, asked many persons, ones said metro 79, other said purple line GO KL free charge. I used GO KL theeeeeen.. I arrived at Bukit Bintang, after that used GO KL Green Line, arrived at PASAR SENI. Ohh God wrong bus. Because of that... I only walked around china town then buy some books in book store.

The day five. at 7 o'clock I took a bath, had some break fast on fourth floor and met the guys in dormitory room. they slept without clothes, just underwear. How come?And I packed, and went outside, looked for taxi, because I didn't want to get lost anymore. And I should pay 90 ringgits for.... taxiiii. -_________-" In airport writing some notes, blogging, eating in Mc D, buy many chocolates. saw a thief. I went home already by plane. Had a safe flight. I realized I saw many lakes, sea, forests, including cultivated land. 

Some how, I miss being there. Had some paradise view. especially PENANG, paradise city. unfinished story.

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