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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013


1:04 p.m
Daughtry-Tennessee Line

whuuups.. ah.. 
I think I have an idea to write something on you. was just because yesterday I got trapped to a writing world. I should write a short story.. not really, a mini story, wkwk..
But I thought it was really bad.. I didn't like it .. too sad for my happy life.

although I am single.

I will read your notes as soon as possible but now I am going to write mine.
Yeah I admit I have done my long last General Practicum, I changed the title to Ndong-Ndong General Practicum. What I did there have been forgotten easily as the time goes by.. hihihi.. Not really, parts of it. It's now just like move on.. changing, and then it will change from day by day. 

I gained very dark skin and very pale face after got home at first. Shocked, I could arrive at home safely. A month of between I was sure to walk on and finish my study. Everyday I could say to my self, "I can go home now." No limitation of doing unnecessary things after I realized I really got sleep more than 12 p.m!

I was backing up my soft file like.. ehmm.. I think my good side hiding somewhere and go out at unexpected time. I got inspiration from a sentence before that unexpected moment comes from usual life.. usual life captured as unexpected story if it meant to be.

Many feelings but not yet shown. hihihi.. like this hates that , that likes this, but maybe other groups feel it too. or maybe only my group. I think if persons read my notes will say,"How dare you clearly write about it!"

But I only want to share to my blog that not all were bad like you thought. Although when I was there I counted days, I wondered I was already home, I told my self the days almost over and what we need to do just finish it. And I tell it now like tomorrow I will not spend my time to measure the trees length and doing on my reports again.

But I blew it up like experience of course, field experience hehehhe.. arranged schedule and fast respond from every student. It looked like I was in the field yet we were in field and I think it was forest. 

I got rest for a while at home, first kasongan for few days and moved to solo, spent time to go to mall and these are more like unnecessary things. Oh yeah I got hamster, I found cloth and a brand tank top in my board, I played basketball at game zone and got my record, I bought a FURLA bag only 75 thousand using my ATM, bought comics, celebrated my Father's birthday.

"No but........."

"But it were only change my loss time for a while. I enjoy at my room and be here at these two days, actually for graving my disappoint."

I think you miss a little for information from me yeaaa? Someday I will write review, or not my activities.. I will but I DON'T KNOW WHEN I am only trying to focus.

applause for my own!

Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

Ndong ndong general practicum

Tau nggak sih ini pukul 6:19 WIB dan waktu Bantul..

Aku barusan aja, sekitar 3 hari yang lalu menghabiskan waktu 1 bulan di Getas... ikut praktikum umum pengelolaan hutan lestari.

Selama sebulan di sana aku ngapain aja..yaaaaa.. gueh nggak tauuuhh gueeeh magabut asliii..

Banyak yang aneh tapi ternyata aku tahu sebabnya di akhir. pokoknya banyak yang seru dan banyak yang nyebelin, banyak juga yang biasa aja.

We stayed for 10 days in Getas campuss then moved for 10 days in RPH PLumbon.. back to campuss at the end. We spent 30 active days for this practicum and well :D

I almost wanted to kill my self at first too many reports and activities to do, slept less than 1 a.m was seldom be got . after that, I got my usual, it was not bad, and it was fun. I felt it.. after a month already. I knew that I learnt so many things.

I learnt to adaptation, sweeping room, washing both dishes and clothes, javanese language, made a dish...

I got dejavu sometimes, like I returned to my habit 5 years ago.. when I was in Senior High School..
But I don't know I am happy now.. a little miss a thing. but the things has done.

very appreciate to: gesang, eren, shelly, aik, udin, pandu, and prisma... my roommates both room 7  or 8: yunita, winda, ami, mbak vina, agung, rintan, and iga, memey, yola, ayu... Thanks to be closer to me..:D

nggak kalian-kalian iya kita-kita...